A cool new poster for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure has arrived, and it channels the fun and spirit of the original movie. While we all sit around and wonder about the status of Bill and Ted 3, aka Bill and Ted Face the Music, Bill and Ted super fan Matt Ryan Tobin has drawn up some Wyld poster designs. The latest poster is from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which follows the same design structure that Tobin used when he made his Bogus Journey poster last year. Tobin created the posters to pay tribute to his favorite movies of all time, and his passion is not bogus at all.

Artist Matt Tobin Ryan has offered up a new screen-printed poster based off of the events of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The attention to detail is truly amazing and it looks even cooler in the metallic foil variant. Tobin reveals that he wanted to keep the design close to his original Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey poster so that people could collect them as a set. Seeing the two next to each other on his site makes perfect sense and they are a must-have for any true fans of the Wyld Stallyns.

Both of the new Bill and Ted posters feature the main characters along with the rest of the cast in a clever way that's not too cluttered. Matt Tobin Ryan reveals that it took him quite a while to finish the posters and brought him back to a style of drawing that he hasn't used in a few years. He adds that he wanted to make the Bill and Ted posters to feel "electric" in tribute to the movies that inspired him to create. He had this to say.

"I deliberately wanted these posters to feel "electric" in my lines, and over all style of rendering. So I had to revisit a style of drawing I hadn't visited in an over almost 2 years (2 Years....whoa...) but also make it feel lighter, friendlier and more playful. I love this film with my whole heart. I really have these films to thank for inspiring a young kid to create."

As for Bill and Ted 3, screenwriter and co-creator Ed Solomon recently stated that they had written scenes for William Sadler's Death character from Bogus Journey. Sadler has publicly revealed that he'd be interested in returning to the role, which has fans really excited about the prospect of the trilogy being finished. However, Solomon and co-creator Chris Matheson need to find some financial backing before they movie any further with the movie.

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It seems like finding money for Bill and Ted 3 would be pretty easy in today's landscape of remakes and reboots, so hopefully some of that Hollywood money amounts to enough to a full-scale reunion of the Wyld Stallyns. In the meantime, you can check out the awesome Bill and Ted posters that Matt Tobin Ryan has created over at Skuzzles and possibly even purchase one of the limited-edition sets.

Kevin Burwick