Bill & Ted 3 is slowly creeping towards becoming a reality. So to get fans hyped, a Throwback Thursday video has started making the viral rounds, which was shot on the set of comedy classic Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.


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Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter appear in costume as Bill and Ted as part of Nickelodeon's True Stories from Famous People. But they're not so much interested in telling a true story about themselves. Instead, they present the Excellent Dictionary.

The pair go through a number of words used and popularized by the time traveling duo. These include 'Excellent', 'Dude', 'Bodacious', 'Most Triumphant', and 'Be Excellent to Each Other'. The last of which the pair struggles with.

The funniest part about this old video is that Alex Winter breaks character and shows he's not so much a dude as a classically trained actor. Keanu Reeves on the other hand, appears to have gone full-on method as Ted. The two actors are obviously having a lot of fun, and that spirit is one of the reasons the movies have stayed in the pop culture canon for so long.

As of now, Bill & Ted 3 has a script. It's ready and waiting to go. There is a director in place, and Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are ready to return. Heck, even Death will be back. Now, they just need some financial backers. While we all wait for Bill & Ted 3 to start shooting, we have this fun TBT video to keep us entertained.