2016 was considered quite the horrible year when it came to celebrity deaths, since it claimed many more iconic performers than in years past. It all ended on quite the tragic note, with beloved Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher passing away days after suffering a heart attack on an international flight from London to Los Angeles. Then just one day later, Carrie Fisher's iconic mother Debbie Reynolds passed away at the age of 84. Earlier today, Carrie Fisher's daughter and Debbie Reynolds' granddaughter, actress Billie Lourd, issued her first public statement after losing both her mother and grandmother.

Billie Lourd, who made her feature film debut last year alongside her mother in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, took to Instagram to post a photo of the actress at a very young age with both her mother and granddaughter. She also posted a brief message, thanking fans for all of their support through this difficult time. Here's what Billie Lourd had to say in response to the outpouring of love these past few days.

"Receiving all of your prayers and kind words over the past week has given me strength during a time I thought strength could not exist. There are no words to express how much I will miss my Abadaba and my one and only Momby. Your love and support means the world to me."

On Friday December 23, Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack just before her plane landed in Los Angeles. She was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center for treatment, and Debbie Reynolds revealed in a statement on Christmas Day that her daughter was in stable condition. Two days after Christmas, though, the iconic actress passed away, with her mother following just one day later. There hasn't been an official cause of death released for both Carrie Fisher or Debbie Reynolds at this time.

Over the holiday weekend, a new report surfaced that claimed Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will both be honored at the same time with a joint funeral. Todd Fisher confirmed that both actresses will be laid to rest in Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills, which is the final resting place for stars such as Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, Telly Savalas, Brittany Murphy, John Ritter, Gene Autry, Sandra Dee, Rod Steiger and David Carradine, just to name a few. Billie Lourd shares this photo on her Instagram as well.

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