The Alamo: In a recent interview by ETOnline with the stars of the upcoming Alamo film, Billy Bob Thorton talked about the set of film amongst other things:

"I was pretty astounded when I first saw the set," says Billy Bob. "Particularly the Alamo itself. It kind of gives you a chill. And when I saw the Mexican army up on the hill there and there I was in my full rig -- with my flintlock rifle -- it got kind of spooky."
In restaging the 13-day siege that took place in 1836, filmmakers recreated the actual Alamo down to the smallest details on a 51-acre set in Austin, TX. The movie tells the epic tale of the less than 200 Texas troops who faced off against 6,000 Mexican soldiers. Billy Bob stars as DAVY CROCKETT while Jason plays JIM BOWIE, who they named the Bowie knife after.
"Working in the cold and the rain and all kind of things, just like they did at the Alamo, it puts you there," says Billy Bob.
In order to get into character, Jason had to familiarize himself with Bowie's handiwork with the knife: "You can't avoid the knife, you know? It's one of those things that when it's in his hand you realize, 'Wow, he knows what he's doing with that knife.' I don't think you want to find Jim Bowie in a dark alley -- or if I'm playing Jim Bowie at like four in the morning on day 14 of night [shoots], that's not good."

Also starring DENNIS QUAID and produced by 'A Beautiful Mind''s BRIAN GRAZER, 'The Alamo' is slated to hit theaters this December.