Funny or Die's Billy on the Street has been the home of some great celebrity viral clips these past few months, and the latest installment is a hoot. The comedian and game show host is joined by Elf star Will Ferrell. He also happens to be a producer on the show. And he has appeared before to help quiz contestants on the streets of New York. But never quite so aggressively.

Will Ferrell is clearly feeding off of his friend Billy Eichner's intense, hostile energy. Together the pair roam around Time Square and the outlining area. Their goal is to quiz unsuspecting tourists and passerby's about various Christmas movies, including Will Ferrell's own classic Elf. As is usually the case, a lot of contestants don't recognize Will. And those that do can't name him.

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A particularly hilarious moment has Will and Billy attempting to give a stranger the gift of hay. Even though they claim it came from Jesus' real manger, this guy doesn't want it. And even though the man considers meeting Will Ferrell gift enough, you'd never know it from his demeanor that he is at all excited about meeting this comedy legend.

The clip come-on the heels of two previous moments from Funny or Die's Billy on the Street, which quickly became trending topics. A few weeks ago, Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore joined a crowd of beggars in New York City to see if she could collect tips in exchange for her acting abilities. For a quarter, she agreed to act out one of the scenes from her previous movies. For a dollar, she'd cry on cue. While she brought some stellar acting work to the streets of NY, no one really seemed too moved by her makeshift performances.

Though Chris Pratt has been called one of the most promising up and coming actors of this generation, no one in Times Square or the surrounding area knew who he was when he appeared on the show last month. And the one lady that recognized him, thought he was his Marvel counterpart Chris Hemsworth. Julianne Moore fared a little better. But not much.

Declared The King of Christmas, Will Ferrell returns to Funny or Die's Billy on the Street for a very special holiday lightning round! You can further watch how New Yorkers react to him when Will and Bill demand holiday cheer! Watch the full episode tonight at 10;30/9:30c on TruTV! Right now, you can get a sneak peek at all the fun in this clip.