The rumors are true: NBC's The Bionic Woman is officially dead. SciFi Wire recently spoke with the show's co-executive producer, David Eick, who confirmed that the show was terminated, even though the network has given no public word on the show's status.

"I just felt that the process was so frustrating, and the conditions under which we were making that show never really came to fruition in such a way that I felt like we could make the show well," Eick said in an interview at SCI FI Channel's upfront presentation to advertisers in New York on March 18. "The actress [Michelle Ryan] we found was wonderful. Some of the writing was good."

However, he added: "We just didn't ever bring it all together like we did with Battlestar Galactica. At a certain point, when it becomes that frustrating, I think you're better off to say, 'Let's try again another time,' and let it go."

The Bionic Woman has been believed to be cancelled since the end of the writer's strike, when NBC didn't order any new episodes of the program.