It's time for the second episode of Bionic Woman, and I was reasonably pleased by how it turned out. Pilot episodes are always a little rough, so I think that the second episode of a new series is really where we get to see what the show will be like.

So what happens in this episode? Well, to begin with, we find that Jaime's boyfriend Will, who is also the man responsible for her bionics, died from his gunshot at the hands of Sarah Corvus in the first episode. Jaime is approached by Bledsoe to come work for the Berkut Group while at the funeral, which shows a remarkable lack of tact on his part. She tells him off and attempts to go back to a normal life.

Of course, a normal life for Jaime includes hearing about her sister, Becca, getting busted for smoking pot. Jaime saves Becca's role in the talent show only to be met with hostility by the kid she has sacrificed so much to raise.

Jaime also discovers that Will had a dossier about her - one started two years before they met. Perhaps it wasn't an accident that she became the Bionic Woman. Jaime reacts to the news by getting drunk and hooking up with the first guy she meets, which goes about as poorly as everything else in her life.

A chance encounter with a stranger in a bookstore and the news that one of her friends' has just been accepted to Columbia cause Jaime to start questioning what she's doing with her life. In a bit of remarkable coincidence, while soul-searching, Jaime's bionic eye and ear lead her to a woman about to leap off a building, while Jaime's bionic limbs allow her to save the woman. Realizing she wants more from life than just being a bartender, Jaime returns to Bledsoe to say that she's in.

After being officially brought on-board Jaime discovers that the stranger she met in the bookstore is actually Antonio, who will be her supervisor. We are also treated to a training sequence with her new trainer, Jae. Jae is also the man who it was believed to have killed Sarah Corvus. He also used to be her lover.

When Bledsoe learns of a horrid tragedy in Paradise, Idaho he sends Jaime and Ruth to investigate. While there Jaime is exposed to the truth behind life in a super-secret clandestine agency - namely that people die and the job is often messy and uncomfortable. In this case, the town has been wiped out due to a compound that the agency had created.

Jaime and Ruth investigate the town further and find a single survivor. They also find a group of "soldiers" determined to kill the girl off. These soldiers ultimately lead Jaime and the rest of the agency to the larger group who have destroyed this small town just as a test of the toxin. The larger shipment of the toxin is stopped, and after a brief talk with Bledsoe, Jaime tells him that she is in.

Meanwhile, Jae is contacted by Sarah Corvus, and re-unites with her in a hotel they had a history at. Today is apparently their anniversary, though the anniversary of what isn't made clear. Sarah tells Jae that she forgives him for "killing" her, and that she thinks she was "hacked".

The episode ends with Jaime getting back in time for Becca's talent show, and a touching moment between the two sisters.

All in all, this was a nicely solid episode, and one which gives me a lot of hope for the remainder of the season.

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