This episode of The Bionic Woman was all about self-realization. Jamie is put through her paces training with Jae and Antonio, both of whom are pushing her to be more than her programming.

At the same time, Sarah Corvus has realized that she's dying. Her bionics aren't interfacing properly with her body, and according to Anthros, Jamie's bionics may be the key to saving Sarah's life.

Jamie also gets another unpleasant piece of news - it turns out that Jonas and the Berkut group can see through her bionic eye, and also have the ability to monitor her via GPS.

When Jamie goes to confront Jonas about this, Jonas instead puts her on assignment to watch a Canadian defense-contractor's daughter, Heaven. Jamie is specifically warned to look out for Serbian terrorists who may have been on the wrong end of his deals.

Sarah Corvus, meanwhile, is looking for a way to convince Jamie to trust her. First, she shows up in Jamie's bedroom to arrange a longer meeting. That meeting is interrupted by Berkut group soldiers arriving, and Sarah flees at Jamie's prodding.

Meanwhile, Heaven is proving to be a devilish child, and Jamie has her hands full watching her. She briefly leaves Heaven with Ruth while she talks to Janos and trains with Jae and Antonio. Both Jae and Antonio are pushing her into being a more deadly fighter, but in very different ways. When Jamie 'rescues' Heaven from Ruth, Heaven is much more contrite.

Which is fortunate, for in the next scene we see Heaven getting a manicure. While Jamie is watching her, Sarah comes in, followed closely by the Serbians looking for Heaven. Jamie (and eventually Sarah) take them out, saving Heaven's life. In the aftermath of the battle, Sarah again tells Jamie that she needs Anthros to examine Jamie's bionics - it's the only way to save her life. Sarah also shows Jamie how to hack her own system, which Jamie is grateful for. But not grateful enough to allow herself to be cut open and dissected.

Jamie gets Heaven back to her dad, while Anthros tells Sarah that the only way to get Jamie on her side is to make Jamie more like her; i.e. killing Jamie's sister. It turns out that Corvus suffered the same kind of car accident that led to Jamie getting her bionics. The difference being that it was Sarah's sister who was mortally injured, and there was no bionic intervention to save her.

Sarah makes one more attempt at convincing Jamie to help her, this time by coming into the apartment and drugging Becca. Jamie re-activates her tracking system to get the Berkut group to come and capture Sarah. Sarah leaves but warns Jaime that Berkut can't be trusted, and that Will may have been planning this for her all along.

We had better action this time around, and the characters are starting to get details filled in, as opposed to being painted in such broad strokes. I personally feel that any genre show needs a few episodes to 'find itself,' The Bionic Woman is getting stronger each week, and I think it'll really discover itself and be amazing - if it doesn't get canceled too soon.

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