Another Wednesday night is upon us, and with it comes another episode of Bionic Woman. This week we get to accompany Jamie as she finally gets to live her dream of going to college.

The episode opens with a wounded soldier waking up in an army hospital. The soldier proceeds to rise from his bed, and then goes to another soldier and slices him across the eyes. The "wounded" soldier then picks up the rifle belonging to his victim and begins shooting everyone in the hospital. In all honesty, this was a pretty horrific scene to watch. The actor who played the soldier may have only been a bit player, but the lack of reaction on his face as he shot his fellow soldiers was chilling.

We cut to Jaime and her friends sitting around chatting and having a good time. They tease Jamie about the pressure she seems to be under, and that she needs a new man in her life. Jamie responds by saying. "I don't need a man to make me happy." A TV report of the first scene comes on the screen, and at that point it's time for Jamie to go to work.

At the Berkut Group, Janos briefs Jamie and Antonio. The wounded soldier wasn't the first of his kind - several released POWs have done the same thing. Each one of them had a personality altering implant in them (ostensibly used to treat depression and neurological issues.) Janos sends Jamie and Antonio out on assignment. Antonio is going to track down the buyer, while Jamie is going to go to the college where the inventor of the implants teaches. Oh, and her cover will be that of a transfer student from Oxford, meaning that Jamie will have to work on her British accent.

Cute touch that. I'm sure that the British Michelle Ryan appreciated that.

Nathan tries to teach Jamie what she'll need to know to fake being a neurology student - and it doesn't go well. For all that Jamie is really smart, and could have gone to Harvard, she would have been a literary-studies major, not a scientist.

And right from the start, her impersonation of a student doesn't go well. In her first class with the distinguished Professor Samuels, her cell phone goes off in class. The lecture is disrupted, and the Professor brings her to task and demands that she answer a question about the lecture topic he was covering. Jamie would have had her cover completely blown, but the cute TA standing near her slips her the answer.

Meanwhile, Antonio and Ruth are going through a list of the potential buyers. When Ruth settles on a suspect, Antonio complains that she's doing racial profiling. Ruth counters "Or brilliant detective work."

Back at school, Jaime is dealing with her dreadful lab report and her bizarre roommate. The roomie is brilliant at science, but is having trouble with a paper about James Joyce. In other words, she's the exact opposite of Jamie. So what do they do? Why they trade homework, of course.

The roommate invites Jamie to a party where Jamie encounters the cute TA, Tom. Tom and Jamie flirt quite a lot while Nathan spies on Jamie through her bionics. Nathan is clearly annoyed by Tom and tries to interrupt their flirtation - theoretically to focus her on her mission, but in a manner that speaks of jealousy.

Nathan guides Jamie to the lab where Professor Samuels' research is kept. When she finds that the door is locked, she uses her bionics to break in via the rooftops. Maybe it was just me, but while Jamie runs and jumps there was a background sound awfully reminiscent of the sound-effect used in The Six Million Dollar Man and the original Bionic Woman. I kind of appreciated that.

Jamie breaks into the lab and finds the information about the doctors' work. While there, Professor Samuels catches her in the act of looking through his files. Samuels assumes that she's an industrial spy of some sort. Jamie tries to cover with a story about trying to sneak in to find a way back into his good graces after the disruption of the class. Samuels is incredulous, but then Tom comes to the rescue, corroborating her story. After they leave the lab Tom asks what Jamie was actually doing in there. She tells him she was looking for the lecture notes. Tom tells her that he'll help her with those if she'll have dinner with him.

Antonio is staking out the buyer. He is bored to death as he watches the buyer and his date eat, and he takes no small amount of delight in telling Ruth that over his cell phone. But before he leaves the buyer gets a call (which Antonio eavesdrops on) that confirms that he is, in fact, the buyer.

Back at the college, Professor Samuels is demonstrating the effectiveness of the implants. Jamie watches as a subject who previously had serious neurological issues is suddenly able to juggle when that signal is sent to his implant. They also show that the implant can control his motor functions, and affect his tolerance for pain.

For obvious reasons, Jamie is freaked out by the chip, and how it might be used for mind-control. Tom, suspiciously, doesn't want to discuss work or the implant, and proceeds to turn on the charm for Jamie. Jamie is clearly susceptible to being seduced, and they begin to kiss when suddenly Antonio shows up, masquerading as Jamie's "Uncle Tony." Tom leaves, at which point Antonio tells Jamie that Tom may be the person they're looking for. Tom's cover story has him possessing a degree from Stamford - where Antonio went to college. And the degree Tom claims to have? It isn't offered at Stamford. Jamie is resistant to the idea that Tom could be the bad guy here. She tells Antonio that her instincts say she should trust him. Antonio responds that the last guy she trusted replaced three of her limbs.

Jamie goes back into secret agent mode before her dinner date with Tom. While walking, her bionics alert her to the fact that she is being followed. She anticipates when he intends to get the drop on her, and proceeds to beat the tar out of her assailant. It was a good, fun fight scene, especially the moment when the attacker picks up a chain to use as a weapon against Jamie. He even manages to strike her in her non- bionic arm. Still, Jamie takes him down with little effort, and it is revealed that her attacker is the same subject she watched have an implant put in. And he isn't in control of himself.

Back at Berkut, Janos debriefs Jamie and Antonio, telling them that they have the implant taken out of the student and it's identical to the one from the soldier in Iraq. Janos and Antonio want to pull Jamie off the case. If Tom is the supplier, and they think he is, then she is too close to him. Jamie counters that she wants to know if Tom is the bad guy here, and that no one will get closer to him then her.

So, she makes her date with Tom. And on the date, things are awkward for both Jamie and Tom. They went to a fancy sushi restaurant, and it turns out neither is interested in sushi. The awkwardness grows until they finally both decide they should get out of the restaurant. To no great surprise they wind up back at his apartment and begin to go at one another passionately. Jamie stops Tom before things get too involved, asking for some champagne. Tom, somewhat dismayed, leaves to get her the champagne - which lets Jamie search the apartment. While he is gone, she finds a bottle of the implants hiding in a drawer. It is beginning to seem that Antonio was right about Tom. A quick retreat from the apartment and a call to the Berkut Group follow.

Back in the city, Antonio is on the stake-out for the buyer. With some other back-up, they follow him to the location where the drop is to happen. After they bust in on the guy, he tries to say that this place is his brother's apartment, and he's just there to drop off his iPod. Antonio doesn't believe him and does a quick search, which turns up a book being used to transport the chips. Antonio gets to have a nice bad-ass moment as he intimidates the buyer, and once the buyer starts to pray, Antonio gets another cool moment as he tries to reason with the buyer.

Jamie is waiting on campus when Janos calls her. He informs her that the chips are a match and that she is to follow Tom, and not to let him make the drop, even if she has to kill him.

Jamie catches up to Tom, and sees him pass off an envelope to someone. Jamie seizes the envelope, but when she looks through it she sees that it is just contains a paper from the class. While she is examining the envelope, Tom catches her and forces her to lay her cards on the table. Tom tells her that he is with the CIA. Some inter-agency jealousy between the CIA and Berkut comes is revealed, as Tom tells Jamie that he too was there to track down who was selling these chips.

As they argue, the real seller makes the drop with his contact. The seller is revealed to be none other than Shawn, the tech in charge of the earlier implantation in the student. Jamie, Antonio and Tom take the Shawn, his client and their accomplices down.

In their debriefing, Antonio tells Jamie that Shawn did all this not from a misplaced desire to hurt people, but simply for money. Antonio also warns Jamie about getting involved with Tom.

We cut to see Jamie packing, preparing to leave her dorm behind. Before she goes, the roommie returns and tells her that the paper she wrote got an A and a recommendation to apply to a grad program. The roommate tells Jamie to keep the paper, giving Jamie a memento of college life and the life she might have had.

Jamie stops back by Tom's place, but ends up walking away without knocking on his door. As she's leaving, Tom walks up to the building. He invites her in, and shares his past with her. When Jamie is asked about how she became a part of the Berkut group, Jamie tells him that she'd rather not talk about it. "It's my last night at college. Can't we just pretend to be normal?" And the two kiss, and presumably move on to other things.

The action moved along nicer this week than other weeks, and it was good to see an episode where Sarah Corvus wasn't the focus. They did drop a plot point in not showing what Becca thinks her sister is doing this time that she does missing for several days in a row, and I'm not real thrilled with the idea that Jamie is willing to use sex to get information from people while on assignment. Still, the show is beginning to feel a lot smoother, and I think they're starting to find their groove.

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