Bionic Woman was on hiatus last week, and as a result, so was I. But we had another new episode this week, and so I am back, faithful readers, to re-cap the events of Episode 1.06: The List.

Bionic Woman Recap for Episode 1.06: The List

The episode opens up with an illicit deal going on. Someone is offering huge amounts of money for "the List", while Jonas, Jae and the Berkut group are spying on the transaction. Once the cash is on the table, the seller pulls out a gun and shoots the buyer. The seller gathers up the money while the Berkut group rushes in. When they get there, the buyer is still alive, and Jonas orders him to be brought to Berkut, but the seller and the cash have split.

Jamie gives Becca a description of the "rules" of behavior between men and women while Becca is arranging for a boy she likes to come over during Tarantino movie night, even though she's a bit upset that it has been nine days since she and Tom were together in Stamford, and he hasn't called her.

After Ruth interrogates the buyer to get information about the list, Jonas briefs Jamie about the next mission. Victor Booth, an arms dealer, has a list that contains sensitive material about CIA and Berkut group operatives. He wants Jamie to go to Paris and intercept the sale of the list. Since the CIA is involved, they'll be sending someone along as well. Jamie requests Tom, claiming that it will make the work easier since they already know one another. Jonas reluctantly agrees.

During their regular sparring match, Jae points out that while Jamie was able to defeat him, she lacks the ability to do so without revealing her bionic strength. She needs to learn how to conceal her abilities - and she immediately gets her chance as Tom enters in the midst of the session. The interaction between Tom and Jamie is cool and strained, in the way that only the aftermath of a one-night stand can be.

Off to Paris the team of Jamie, Tom, Ruth, Jae and Nathan fly. Tom and Jamie will check into a hotel and set-up their cover identities while the rest of the team assembles with the CIA team. As the support staff sets up, Nathan shows off the iris identification software he obtained to identify Victor. Victor has had numerous reconstructive surgeries, but as long as Jamie can make eye contact with him, Nathan can use the image from her camera to match Victor.

Bionic Woman Recap for Episode 1.06: The List

Meanwhile, Jamie and Tom check into their room in Paris. Their cover is that of a newly married couple, and Tom gives Jamie a wedding ring to help with that illusion. Tom apologizes to Jamie for not calling her before that, and the combination of his apology, the ring and the atmosphere put Jamie in the mood to re-ignite their relationship. Tom acts similarly inclined, but then pulls away at the last minute.

While this is going on in Paris, back home Becca is waiting with her friends for her would-be boyfriend to arrive. When he finally does so, it is with another girl on his arm and a large group of friends. Becca's romantic movie night (because really, what is more romantic than hooking up with a guy while watching Reservoir Dogs?) has been transformed into a wild high-school party.

During their stake out of the embassy, Tom explains why he pulled away from Jamie and why he hadn't called. It isn't a case of him not being interested, it's that an emotional attachment could muddy his head while he was out in the field - especially if Jamie is similarly at risk. His resolve to stay unattached is weakened while they prepare for the reception at the embassy, when he sees Jamie looking stunning in her little black dress.

At the reception, the differences between Tom and Jamie's abilities and training are nicely highlighted. Tom is able to analyze situations based on experience, while Jamie has the edge of her bionic senses (and getting Nathan's color commentary the entire time). The show does a nice job here of showing that both characters are able to discover things the other isn't..

Eventually, Jamie and Tom encounter someone they suspect to be Victor, though he avoids making eye contact with Jamie for her to try to verify it. He's cagey, and starts to see through their cover story. He asks if Tom (who is posing as an art historian) would be able to help him identify a painting he recently acquired. As he leads them down into the basement, Jamie finally locks eyes with him and is able to identify him as Victor. Moments after she does so, Victor locks Jamie and Tom into a wine cellar.

Bionic Woman Recap for Episode 1.06: The List

Jamie calls Ruth to let her know that they found Victor and to call in back-up, and then proceeds to "help" Tom break down the cellar door. After they escape the wine cellar, Tom and Jamie quickly hurry upstairs to intercept the sale. Along the way, they're "forced" to make out as a cover for why they're in a place they shouldn't be. The romantic gestures and looks, combined with a physical act of intimacy breaks down both Jamie and Tom's barriers, and they clearly begin falling for one another again.

Once more, we return to Jamie's apartment where Becca (who is now a little drunk) has had all she can stand of the party and her guy being there with another girl. So she leaves the party to go for a drive. No sooner does she pull out does she get stopped by an officer, who busts her on a number of offenses.

Jamie and Tom find the sale, and after a brief show of gallantry/machismo/sexism where Tom tries to convince Jamie to let him go in alone, the two enter the room. A great fight breaks out, where once more we get to see how bionic abilities compare to intense training and skill. Neither is clearly shown to be better than the other, but Jamie and Tom have amazingly different fighting styles. Jamie's use of her super-strength is kept fairly subtle, but they are clearly there. (A close listening also reveals a hint of the classic "bionic" sound effects.) Jamie goes out a window with "Victor" and the Berkut group is at the bottom of the building, waiting for her. Jamie and "Victor" are hustled into the van, where they see that Victor isn't actually Victor. As irritated as this makes Jamie, what makes her even more upset is the fact that as the Berkut group van drives away, she realizes that Tom has been left behind - and very possibly taken or killed by Victor.

While back at the safehouse set up by their team, Jamie tries to call Tom. The phone is answered by Victor, who tells Jamie that she can have the list for six million dollars (an ironic value that), and she can get her boyfriend back for another two million. Jamie calls Jonas for the money, which he easily agrees to. We then see that Jonas is busy back home - he's there to bail Becca out of jail.

Ruth, Nathan and Jae brief Jamie on how to make the drop, stressing the fact that this is all about the list, not her regaining Tom. Ruth, the psychologist, pointedly comments on the fact that Jamie is still wearing the wedding ring, and she reminds Jamie to keep focus.

Once more we return to the saga of Becca and her youthful indiscretions as Jonas drives her back to the apartment. During the drive, Becca interrogates Jonas about what it is that Jamie does. She clearly doesn't believe that her sister sells time-shares. Jonas, for his part, does a commendable job of laying guilt at Becca's feet while covering for Jamie.

Jamie goes in to make the drop, and finds Tom seated at a table in the little caf&#233. Despite the tension in the environment, Jamie and Tom still find ways to tell each other that they're both interested in the other. Tom also shows Jamie that he has had a bomb strapped to his body by Victor.

When Victor (posing as a waiter) arrives, he shows Jamie the list - which she immediately scans with her bionic eye and re-transmits back to Nathan. Having accomplished her primary mission goal, Jamie then attacks Victor and causes a scene. In the chaos that follows, Victor escapes, while Jamie gets Nathan to guide her through disarming Tom's bomb. Tom chases after Victor with Jamie trailing him, but due to bionic leg muscles, Jamie overtakes Tom and Victor, and she manages to lay Victor out just as Tom finally catches up to them.

In the aftermath of the mission, Jonas debriefs Jamie, although he does slightly chide her about the lost money and the unnecessary danger Jamie put herself in. He does, however, cover for Becca, as he lies to Jamie about whether or not her sister had called. Tom and Jamie also re-meet, and this time Tom promises to keep in better contact with her. Their romance has completely re-kindled, though Jamie asks for a rain check, since she wants to get home to her sister.

Jamie returns home to be pleasantly surprised by Becca. Becca had prepared a bathtub, lit by candles and with a warm, fluffy towel waiting for Jamie to take advantage of. The sisters have another nice moment of understanding, and the episode ends with us seeing the Jamie still was wearing the ring Tom gave her right up to the moment she gets into the bath.

That's all for this time - catch you back here in seven when we find out if the Bionic Woman can stand up to a sniper who has targeted her friends and family.

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