It's time for another episode of Bionic Woman, and it is making me realize how much I'm going to miss this show once its' gone. The show is really finding a nice mix of humor, camp, action and pathos, and it is a shame that the show may die due to the WGA strike.

The episode begins with Jamie observing someone carrying briefcase full of contraband. While tailing the guy, she gets a call from Tom to confirm their date. While the two secret agents flirt, Jamie misses missed seeing who the suitcase was transferred to. Fortunately for her, her bionic eyesight allows her to overcome that mistake. But it does mean that she's far enough behind him that she can't prevent him from getting into his get-away car, forcing Jamie to chase after the car on foot. (And can I just say how much I love the fact that they brought back a modernized version of the old-time sound fx when she uses her bionics?). She leaps over the car and tries to dive-kick her way through the window, but bounces off the bulletproof glass. Rather amusing, but things still work out for her, since the distraction causes the driver to crash the car. Jamie goes to the wreck, acquires the briefcase, and then returns Tom's call.

In a scene from mundane life, Jamie is at the apartment while Becca is going over the grocery list. Becca is really happy with how things are going now that Jamie has a boyfriend and wants to see it continue.

Back at Berkut, Antonio chides Jamie for spending time on the phone with her boyfriend while on a mission. He tells her that it's dangerous, if not for her, than for Berkut as a whole, and that generally espionage work isn't conducive to steady relationships. Antonio and Jonas then show Jamie a specialized sniper rifle developed by the US. One of these rifles has gone missing, and Berkut has reason to believe that it is going to be used to assassinate President Rudan, an African dictator who is coming to the US to watch a horse race. Jamie is incredulous that they need to protect him, even after Jonas explains the political need.

Antonio and Jamie go to meet with the President's security chief, and despite an argument between Antonio and the head of the security team, things look good as they look for the best place for a sniper to set-up. Antonio easily picks the spot, leading Jamie to surmise that he has been an assassin in the past. Antonio once again reminds Jamie that relationships in this life don't work as she leaves for her therapy session with Ruth and dinner date. Jamie is convinced that this cynical attitude is due to a girl in his past.

The therapy session is remarkably unproductive. Ruth asks Jamie to tell her why she resists the therapy sessions, to which Jamie surmises that it might be because they're forced on her, and she finds them boring and pointless. Jamie also thinks that the whole atmosphere around Berkut is oppressive and dull - why doesn't anyone have a plant or something to add color? When the timer goes off, ending the session, Jamie is only too happy to leave.

Both Becca and Jamie are nervous as they wait for Tom to arrive. He shows up with flowers and wine, charming Jamie. Becca is thrilled to meet Tom, and introductions between Jamie's boyfriend and her sister go well. Over dinner, Becca turns inquisitive, asking how a "timeshare salesperson" and an "executive at a calculator company" met, and while Jamie and Tom cover, it is clear that Becca suspects that there is something going on with Jamie's work beyond what she has been told. Antonio then calls in the midst of dinner to tell Jamie that President Rudan is arriving in the United States early. Jamie tells Tom and Becca that she has to go. Tom clearly understands, but Becca is equally plain in showing that she is annoyed with Jamie for leaving.

Through Nathan's technical wizardry he has discovered that the President is arriving in the country early to everyone's surprise. Jonas is completely unimpressed with the technology or Nathan's analysis, but he still acts on the information Nathan obtained. He calls Jamie to tell her about the change in plans which prompts Jamie to tell him that Antonio already told her and that she's on her way to the airport. Jonas says Antonio couldn't have called her since Jonas and Nathan had just discovered that fact.

We next see Becca talking to Tom about how this isn't like Jamie - she just takes her job really seriously. Tom is understanding and offers a raincheck moments before he gets a call from his own "company". He leaves the apartment as he tells them that Jamie had just left a few minutes ago.

President Rodan arrives at airport as Jamie races to the site. The sniper is already at work, and is lining up his shot as Jamie arrives. Jamie rushes for the President before the sniper can get his shot off, and manages to push the President out of the line of fire to disrupt the assassination attempt. Both Jamie and Antonio try to talk the President and his security chief into having Rudan leave the country, but they refuse to listen. As they leave, Tom and the CIA arrive. Tom is fairly upset that Jamie isn't wearing any protective gear, but as he tries to tell her this he gets into a verbal confrontation with Antonio. Antonio is irritated that Tom is interfering with their mission.

As Antonio and Jamie search the site for evidence, he once again tells Jamie that the relationship she has with Tom is a bad idea. Jamie wants to know how Antonio knew about the early arrival before Jonas called her. Antonio tells her he got the information from the President's security chief. Jamie again asks about why Antonio is so cynical towards relationships. He tells her a sob story of an agent he worked with, and had to leave behind, while on assignment in Africa. Jamie sympathizes with his story, but then realizes that Antonio is pulling her leg. They find a piece of rubber near where the sniper had set up, and Jamie leaves for Berkut to show Nathan the evidence. Antonio says that he'll be right behind her, but once she leaves, we see that he was covering the spent shell from the sniper rifle with his foot.

Returning to Berkut, Jamie gives Nathan the shard of rubber. He looks at it and tells her that it'll take time to analyze. Jamie uses this as an excuse to return home, but on her way out, Ruth stops her. Ruth wants to show Jamie the new addition to her office - a plant. Ruth says that she wants Jamie to be comfortable at Berkut.

Jamie gets back to the apartment to see Becca sleeping on the couch. Jamie apologizes for running out. Becca tells her that she just wants Jamie to not mess up this relationship.

Meanwhile, Antonio is examining the sniper shell. He then gets a phone call from someone - we never get to see who. We switch over to Jamie's phone going off. She answers it - it's Nathan, and he wants to tell her how he discovered the location of the shooter by studying the rubber shard. The shard came from a sneaker, with chlorine residue that Nathan can use to tell Jamie where the assassin was staying. Nathan had already called Antonio with this news, with Antonio insisting he can handle this himself and to not call in Jamie. Jamie finds this suspicious, and rushes off to where the President is staying. On her way out of the apartment, she sees two people making out under a light-post. Her bionic ears overhear them talking and she realizes that they are CIA agents - most likely sent by Tom to observe her. Jamie is unthrilled by this, and she takes both of the agents down.

While Jamie drives over to the hotel where the assassin is supposedly staying, she tries to call Antonio on his cell phone, but he isn't answering. She gets there and uses her bionically enhanced senses to locate Antonio's car. He's in the car, talking to someone on the phone and telling them to "get away." Jamie quickly assumes that he's talking to the sniper. She goes over to his car, where Antonio reacts to her arrival with surprise - after all, he told Nathan to let her get some sleep. Jamie responds by reminding him that they're team-mates. The two go into the hotel and locate the sniper's lair, but of course the sniper has already fled. Jamie watches Antonio suspiciously as he goes through the motions of investigating.

The next morning at Berkut, Jamie tells Jonas that Antonio was in communication with the assassin. She also fills him in about the other ways that Antonio has been lying to her and only going through the motions of trying to stop the sniper. Jonas tells Jamie that she'll need to bring Antonio in. Presuming that Antonio will pass any incorrect information on to the sniper, they give him false info that the President changed his box at the racetrack and that they will need to adjust their plan. As they leave, Antonio can tell that something is bugging Jamie, but he thinks it's relationship related.

Tom goes to talk to Jamie, and she is furious that he had her being followed. Tom tells her that he had nothing to do with it, it's just standard procedure when someone in the CIA starts a new relationship. Jamie isn't sure she believes him, but tells him that she has to go to work.

Jamie and Antonio hit the racetrack as the President arrives, They separate to cover the possible locations where the sniper could set up - to shoot at the box the President is now supposedly in. After they separate, Jamie trails Antonio to see where he is heading. However Antonio is the more experienced agent, and he notices her trailing him. He hides around a corner and when Jamie turns it, he pulls her off-balance and puts his gun to her head, demanding to know what is going on. Jamie tells him that she knows he is in league with the assassin, and has already told Jonas. Antonio explains that he isn't working with the assassin, but he does know her. The assassin is the ex-girlfriend he mentioned earlier in the episode - he wasn't pulling Jamie's leg, he just wanted her to think so. She's in too deeply to get out. He tried to talk her out of the attempt on the President's life, but she was unwilling to listen to him. Jamie isn't sure she believes him, but is willing to take it on faith.

Antonio then realizes that if Jamie told Jonas that he was in league with the killer, than the information they have about the President's location is probably false. They've now left the President as an open target. He tells Jamie that he'll try to find and stop the assassin while she goes to protect the President.

Using her bionic speed, agility and strength, Jamie manages to get to the President's box just in time to get him out of the line-of-fire from the assassin. Antonio is trying to locate the assassin, and is doing so cautiously. Once Jamie knows the President is safe, she runs over to where Antonio is searching. Jamie, the assassin and Antonio all converge and a Mexican Stand-off ensues, with one gun being pointed at Jamie, and another one pointed at the assassin. After a brief discussion, the assassin turns her gun on Antonio, shooting him. In return, he mortally wounds her with his own firearm.

Antonio is being loaded into the ambulance when Jamie goes to watch over him. Although seriously injured, he tells her about the full story between him and the would-be assassin. He feels responsible for what happened to her, and wants Jamie to know that he will never abandon her in that way. Before any further words can be said, Antonio flatlines.

The next thing we see is Jamie back at Berkut looking at Antonio's file. Jonas comes in, interrupting her vigil. He gently tells her that the "First time is the worst." Clearly, Antonio was unable to be revived.

Jamie heads back to her apartment, but on her way she stops in on Tom - shaken. She looks at him and tells him she can't do this - she isn't cut out for it. He embraces her as episode ends, leaving us to wonder what precisely Jamie was referring to.

There's no new Bionic Woman next week, so I'll see you back here in fourteen.

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