Katee Sackhoff is done with Bionic Woman according to the blog Roadrunner. The author of the blog was at a Battlestar Galactica/Stargate SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis convention held in Burbank, California, where Katee Sackhoff revealed her future involvement with Jaime Sommers and the Berkut Group.

According to the report, Sackhoff is to have meetings with the producers of the show following Thanksgiving, but she doesn't expect to return to the show even if it does resume production. Sackhoff is trying to disassociate herself with the show and the role of Sarah Corvus. Although Sackhoff never directly stated the reason for her departure, comments made by Sackhoff suggest that there may be conflicts between her and show star, Michelle Ryan.

Declining ratings, a shutdown due to the WGA strike and the refusal of one of the show's primary antagonists may all add up to a losing equation for Bionic Woman.

UPDATE 11/25/07: Other sources who have attended the convention are refuting the claims made by Roadrunner. Marimba, who was also at the convention, e-mailed us to say that "We all attended this con and at NO TIME did Katee Sackhoff say that she was quitting the show or that she had any problem with Michelle

Ryan. She did say that the show was a "clusterfrak" which is no more than

mediapundit has been saying."

On Marimba's Live Journal, LJ user pandora_576 summed up Katee Sackhoff's panel:

Well, I and a few others attended the Con and Katee's talk. This is what we basically heard.

Katee doesn't know if BW will survive the strike.

She's meeting with a new show runner in a couple of weeks to talk about the future of the show.

Battlestar has such a following that it does make sense for them to finish it.

BW is an expensive show and the ratings are (Katee made a raspberry noise).

Katee said that one of her trivia questions should have been 'Who knows why Bionic Woman isn't doing well'

To which the audience shouts lots of diff things, I heard 'no Katee' Katee shrugged and said I didn't say that. I don't know what will happen.


Also I never heard Katee say that she quit, I got the impression that she had filmed all the eps that she was contracted for, prior to the strike. Nor did I hear her utter negative comments about Michelle Ryan.

Thanks to our readers for offering the differing point of view on Katee Sackhoff's panel. It may make no difference in the future of Bionic Woman on television, but it is never our intent to misquote any of the actors or actresses who are hard at work in the genre.

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