At one time, Universal was set to turn the video game Bioshock into a big budget movie under the direction of Gore Verbinski, best known for Pirates of The Caribbean, The Lone Ranger and the animated hit Rango. The film had problems coming to fruition, and was eventually shelved. But now we get a look at what might have been courtesy of concept art from Kasra Farahani, who also worked on Spider-Man 3, Thor and Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Bioshock video game follows a somewhat anonymous hero through a massive underwater city where human DNA has been pushed to its limits. A lot of familiar game concepts are seen in the art, which reimagines this world for the big screen. We also get a look at the popular characters Little Sister and Big Daddy.

Gore Verbinski set out to make the movie in 2008. Development was moving along at a relatively fast pace, until the director and Universal started to have disagreements about the movie's rating and budget. As has been reported in the past, Gore Verbinski wanted a dark, R rated thriller, but the studio wanted a more accessible PG-13 rating.

Gore Verbinski also reportedly wanted a $200 million budget. But after the failure of Zack Snyder's Watchmen, the studio pulled back, and the Bioshock movie has been resting in development hell ever since. To check out all of the art, visit Kasra Farahani's Official Page for a full gallery preview of what might have been. (CLICK HERE) We've also included some of the art here.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange