A Kotaku reader discovered a radio interview with Bioshock video game designer Ken Levine, where he said that a Bioshock movie is still moving forward. Here's an excerpt from the site's article:

"I will say that it is still an active thing," Levine tells DC radio station 106.7. "And it is something we are actively talking about and actively working on." That doesn't mean filming of the project is 100 percent certain. "The movie business is complicated - I can't tell you whether it's going to happen for sure or it's not going to happen for sure," Levine adds. "But it's something we are actively discussing, quite actively, and actively working on."

We /juan-carlos-fresnadillo-enters-bioshock/reported just over a year ago that 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo had taken over the reins from Gore Verbinski, although Gore Verbinski will still produce the movie (if it happens). Ken Levine also talked about making the project with a solid lead character instead of the game version, where you only see a hand with a gun:

"You can't really do that in a movie," Levine says. "That's your guy, that's the guy you are following through." The trick is to stay true to the game and also round out the character "so he's not literally a hand with a gun" and "so he's actually a person who is going through some sort of progression through his life."

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further updates on Bioshock as soon as we have more information.