Bird Box is a big hit for Netflix, becoming a phenomenon over the holiday break. The movie was viewed 26 million times in the U.S. during its first week alone, numbers backed up by Nielsen. The one thing this thriller was missing was its monster. Even Jaws eventually showed Bruce the Shark. Instead, fans had to be regaled by Sandra Bullock's description of the creature, which has become quite legendary in its own right. Now, we now what the beast looks like. Do you dare stare at it though? As it could drive you to suicide, like the characters in the movie.

Sandra Bullock said the creature looked like a green snake with a baby's head. And that's pretty much what it is. It's not as goofy as it originally sounded, but one look indicates that it was probably best to leave this beastie on the cutting room floor. Throughout Bird Box's runtime, the monsters remain unseen, though there are some subtle clues and hints to what it looks like. These demons arrive on earth, triggering a worldwide disaster, as just one look at them will immediately have you committing suicide.

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Director Susanne Bier backs up Sandra Bullock's comments about the monsters, and in an earlier interview, confirmed that she had shot scenes with them that were supposed to show up late in the movie. The design just didn't cut the mustard. She says this about leaving the abomination on the killing floor.

"It so easily becomes funny. We actually shot that and spent a lot of energy on, but every time I saw it, I was like this is not going to be tense."

So, all we've had to go off of until now is the Sandra Bullock description. Someone went ahead and used these loose details to create an action figure based on the Bird Box monster, and when it comes to the head, they pretty much got it right. This thing does look like a fat baby, and saying it's a little ridiculous is being too nice.

Fans of the movie have been curious to see the deleted scenes ever since Bullock and her director started mocking them. There is no indication that Netflix will ever release those missing scenes, and it usually takes awhile for their originals to hit Blu-ray and DVD. It was over a year before Stranger Things made it to home release. Instead of deleted scenes, we do have these shots from STX Atlas, which they shared.

"The unseen creature from Bird Box created at @knb_efx that was sadly cut from the final film. Andy Bergholtz @andy_bergholtz sculpted and pre-painted the prosthetics. Stephen Prouty @proutyfx went to set and applied the makeup on actor Dirk Rogers @thehalloweendirk. Reposted from the amazing Howard Berger (@hoops511) ''It's always a bit disappointing when so much effort goes into something that ends up in the cutting room floor, but I get it and it's always what is best for the final product" @birdboxmovie @netflixfilm @knb_efx.

The idea behind the monster is supposed to be that Sandra Bullock's greatest fear was motherhood. So when she looked at the monster, it would manifest that into a horrible monster baby. Though, that just isn't that scary when it all comes together in real time. They took a big swing and missed.

At least the movie is a giant hit without having to see the monster. There is talk of Bird Box 2, but the director isn't ready to even comment on that just yet, as she just finished this first one. If the second one does decide to show the monster, it won't be this creeping looking toothless baby, as it will have manifested into some other nightmare by then.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange