Unless you've been wearing a blindfold like the characters in the movie, you're well familiar with the new Netflix original movie Bird Box. Starring Sandra Bullock as a mother trying to keep two small children safe in the midst of a post-apocalyptic world. The concept of the movie is that anyone who happens to see unshown creatures flying in the sky are driven to suicide. It's a horrifying concept, and when watching it unfold, the last thing viewers are thinking about are reality shows on MTV. Perhaps that's why Catfish host Nev Schulman's cameo went unnoticed, until the TV star personally revealed on Instagram he can be seen at one point in the movie.

In Bird Box, there's a moment when Bullock's character Malorie is painting a portrait of a group of people which includes a couple. Nev Schulman posted a screenshot of this scene, joking that the creepiest part of the movie is how the couple really looks like him and his wife, Laura Perlongo. To clarify, the MTV personality went on to confirm that they are, in fact, the couple in the painting. Lily Morris, the artist responsible for the movie's artwork, knows Schulman and Perlongo personally, having them pose for the project. You can't unsee the cameo once you're aware of it, as one look at the painting shows that it's definitely the two of them.

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Bird Box has quickly become a bit of an internet phenomenon upon its release on Netflix this month, prompting lots of discussion and countless memes. The movie has been constantly compared to A Quiet Place, another horror movie to come out of 2018 starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. In comparison to Bird Box's concept of avoiding deadly creatures by blocking their vision, A Quiet Place requires survival by making as little noise as possible. It's easy to see the comparison, but it should be noted that Bird Box is based on a 2014 novel of the same name, written years before the Krasinski movie would make it to the big screen.

While you can see Catfish host Schulman in the movie, one thing you won't be able to look at are the creatures themselves. What the unseen monsters look like are left to the imagination of the viewer. According to Bullock herself, this is probably for the best, as a deleted scene actually did reveal the creature. Described as a "green man with a horrific baby face," Bullock says she had trouble holding in her laughter when filming the scene with the monster. Chances are, audiences would have reacted the same way, so this was one moment thankfully left on the cutting room floor.

Bird Box is currently available to stream on Netflix. Although the premise of the movie is about keeping your eyes shut, keep one open during the aforementioned scene to catch a glimpse of Schulman in the movie. Fans of Catfish will have to wonder how they weren't able to catch him the first time around. You can take a look at Nev Schulman's Instagram posts about his appearance in the movie below!