In the Fox Searchlight hit indie Birdman, Michael Keaton plays a washed up actor named Riggan Thompson, who was a major star in the early 1990s when he starred in the blockbuster Birdman movies. While the movie itself doesn't include any fake footage for this movie-within-a-movie, Fox Searchlight has taken it upon themselves to celebrate Throwback Thursday (TBT) by creating a fake trailer for the 1992 "sequel" Birdman Returns.

Birdman helped propel Riggan to international stardom, but just four years later, he ended up pulling out of Birdman 4 as his career came screeching to a halt. The actual film Birdman chronicles Riggan as he tries to mount a comeback by putting on a Broadway play.

Humorously enough, this trailer states that Birdman Returns "debuted" in 1992, the same year Warner Bros. released Batman Returns, starring Michael Keaton as Batman. The Birdman Returns release date listed in the trailer is May 22, 1992, which would have put this follow-up against 20th Century Fox's Alien 3, Universal's Far and Away and Disney's Encino Man. In case you were wondering, Batman Returns opened on June 19, 1992. Take a look at this fake trailer below, along with the actual trailer for Batman Returns.