Will Black Canary have a big role to play in the DCEU? That's what a new rumor from Latino Review claims. According to their sources, Warner Bros. and DC are currently casting Black Canary for her introduction in Justice League Part 1. After she is established in the DC cinematic universe, she will go onto appear in a number of other DC movies.

The site goes onto claim that DC is already making plans for what happens after 2020 and the upcoming slate of movies that kick off with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They are starting to focus on new projects, all of which will continue to be interconnected to this world, and part of the on-screen Justice League universe. This past weekend saw Wonder Woman begin filming in England, and with that going smoothly, the studios apparently want to bring in another strong female superhero presence.

Black Canary is said to be leading a female-centric team-up movie to come sometime after 2020. In the DC comics' post-Crisis continuity, both Dinah Drake and her daughter Dinah Laurel Lance use Black Canary as their secret identity. While Dinah Laurel Lance has the super-charged sonic attack known as the 'Canary Cry', both individuals are masters at hand-to-hand combat. While it's suspected that Black Canary will make her appearance in Justice League Part 1, director Zack Snyder may wait until Justice League Part 2 to unleash her. And with the first installment not that far away, casting is said to be heating up.

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There are two current front runners for the coveted role, and they will both have the character's signature blonde hairdo. First up is Abbey Lee, who was seen in this past summer's Mad Max: Fury Road and will next be seen in Gods of Egypt and The Neon Demon. Second up is Alona Tal, who you may have seen on Supernatural or Burn Notice. Neither girl is said to be an odds on favorite.

Latino Review goes onto state that the supposed female team-up movie is Birds of Prey, which got it's own TV show in 2002. That movie is said to be in-development, and it is speculated that Jena Malone will reprise her Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice role in the movie, said to be that of Barbara Gordon. In the film, Black Canary and Gordon will team-up. The Birds of Prey TV series was actually the first to introduce a live-action Harley Quinn, and you can expect, if this rumor pans out, there will likely be some sort of crossover with Suicide Squad.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange