The first full-length Birds of Prey trailer has finally arrived. It gives us a ton of colorful looks at Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, Jurnee Smollett-Bell's Black Canary and Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Huntress, but we also get a proper look at Ewan McGregor as the villain Black Mask. Though, as has been pointed out by many people on social media, McGregor's version of Black Mask is, rather noticeably, missing his signature mask. Whether or not he winds up with it in the actual movie remains to be seen, but this initial look has drawn mixed reactions.

In the trailer, we see Ewan McGregor dressed up in various suits doing gangster things, like torturing several people hung upside down in a warehouse, which is on-brand for the Gotham City crime lord. But McGregor's portrayal isn't that of a hardened, grizzly criminal. There have been rumors, not yet confirmed by Warner Bros. or director Cathy Yan, that this version of the character will be gay, which would undoubtedly influence the portrayal. Twitter user Spooky Face Rob distilled it down like this in his reaction.

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"Looks very fun! A few things I'd have liked (Black Mask IN a Black Mask, Canary's cry) but I'm optimistic so far!"

The general tone, when taking a look around social media, seems to be cautious optimism about Birds of Prey overall. There are quite a few people who are less familiar with the source material that seem a bit confused by the whole thing. It's also worth noting that all of the main characters seem to be diverting quite a bit from their more classic looks from the pages of DC Comics. A Twitter user and fan simply going by the name Kim had an optimistic view of the situation.

"The fact that I live in the time and universe where my favorite actor, Ewan McGregor, is playing my favorite comic villain, Black Mask, in a feature film... It brings tears to my eyes."

For those who may not be familiar, Black Mask was created by Doug Moench and Tom Mandrake and made his first appearance in DC Comics back in August 1985 in the pages of Batman #386. Black Mask, generally speaking, is portrayed as a sadistic crime kingpin. The man under the mask is Roman Sionis, who murdered his wealthy parents so that he could take control of the family business. His parents cared far more about their social status than they did him, which contributed to the whole thing. He dons a mask and heads up a gang called the False Face Society.

With that in mind, it's easy to see why the lack of an actual black mask is disappointing for some. But this is just a trailer. Who knows what's in store during this movie's full runtime? Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) arrives in theaters on February 7, 2020, from Warner Bros.