The latest Birds of Prey poster includes Bernie the Beaver. The rest of the human cast is also featured on the new poster, along with Harley Quinn's hyena. The poster may look familiar to fans of art history since it is a take on Sandro Botticelli's 15th century piece, "The Birth of Venus." In the poster, Margot Robbie's Quinn takes the place of the goddess Venus as she stands on a shell emerging out of the water.

As for Bernie the Beaver, he appears in the shell with Harley Quinn, sitting at her feet. The taxidermy beaver is one of Quinn's prized possessions in the comics, though he seems to be a bit cleaner in the Birds of Prey movie. Quinn stole the beaver from Bernie Bash, who was her first crush. She took it in order to have something to remember Bernie by after he was sent to juvenile detention. In the comics, the taxidermy beaver is badly damaged from being burnt and shot at, so we could very well see Bernie the Beaver take some damage in the upcoming movie.

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Harley Quinn believes Bernier the Beaver talks to her, though nobody else can hear him. In the Birds of Prey poster, Bernie can be seen wearing a skirt and a candy necklace. While it's exciting to see that the beaver will be included in the movie, it's not clear just how much screen time the animal will have when all is said and done. The same can be said for Quinn's hyena, who has also been featured in the movie's trailers.

The Birds of Prey poster features Renée Montoya (Rosie Perez) who stands on the shore while wearing a red cloth. Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Basco) can be seen sitting on the diamond, which is hovering right behind Harley Quinn. Huntress (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) are flying in from the side. In addition to the animals and humans, the poster puts the focus on Quinn's cheeseburger, which we saw before in the Birds of Prey trailer. The poster is off-kilter, like the rest we have seen, and it fits in well to promote the movie, which hits theaters in February.

It was recently announced that Birds of Prey will probably come with an R-rating attached, which was always Margot Robbie's goal from the start. Warner Bros. is still having great success with the R-rated Joker movie, so it seems they are now prepared to release edgier material from some of their darker characters. Many believed 2016's Suicide Squad should have been R-rated, but the studio decided against it in order to get more viewers in theaters to see it. James Gunn is currently working on the follow up, The Suicide Squad, which will also have an R-rating and will include Robbie's Harley Quinn. You can check out the latest Birds of Prey poster below, thanks to Warner Bros.

Birds of Prey poster