For DCEU fans wondering when they'll see Harley Quinn next, it may be in Warner Bros.' Birds of Prey movie, one of three potential projects that will feature Margot Robbie. While we haven't heard much on that particular spin-off in quite some time, Christina Hodson (Bumblebee) was brought on to write the script back in 2016. A new report claims that Margot Robbie has taken a personal interest in Birds of Prey, which will reportedly feature multiple heroes and villains within the DC universe. Although it's possible that Suicide Squad 2 may be happening first, since there is already a director attached, and some of the cast are already training to return. The third project that's in the mix is Joker vs. Harley Quinn.

What's interesting is this report doesn't mention Gotham City Sirens, which already has director David Ayer attached, although there hasn't been much movement on that project thus far. David Ayer confirmed in December that the project was still in development, but it remains to be seen when that project will go into production. Margot Robbie confirmed in a December interview that there are several DC movies in the works featuring her Harley Quinn, including a solo Harley Quinn project, and keeping track of all of these projects has been quite confusing. It was believed that Gotham City Sirens was the new title of the Birds of Prey project, but now it seems they're two separate projects altogether.

This report also claims that, ever since landing the Harley Quinn role in the first Suicide Squad movie, Margot Robbie has become a DC Comics "expert", which is reportedly why she has taken such an interest in this Birds of Prey movie, although there is no indication on what other DC heroes and/or villains will be featured in the story. What's interesting is Harley Quinn was never an official member of the Birds of Prey in the comics, but she was part of the short-lived animated Birds of Prey TV series. In the comics, Harley Quinn was a member of The Secret Six, along with Catman, Deadshot, Ragdoll, Scandal Savage and Knockout, who act as foils to the Birds on one shared mission.

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As for Suicide Squad 2, this report indicates production could start this fall, after Will Smith wraps on his new movie Gemini Man, and that this could serve as the introduction to Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam. The actor has hinted numerous times that his character would get a "secret introduction" into the DCEU, that will help set up his solo Black Adam film. The Suicide Squad 2 story reportedly brings the Task Force X team back together to stop a powerful weapon of mass destruction, which is reportedly Black Adam. Gavin O'Connor (Warrior) has been set to write and direct Suicide Squad 2, with Charles Roven producing alongside DCEU newcomer Mike DeLuca.

The third project mentioned in this report from The Wrap is Joker Vs. Harley Quinn, which is a love story in the same vein as the 2005 action movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, except with Joker and Harley Quinn. John Requa and Glenn Ficarra are expected to write and direct that film, although when it will be actually ready for production remains to be seen. While it may be quite some time before we know for sure which Harley Quinn project is moving forward first, there will be no shortage of this character anytime soon.

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