If over-the-top, action packed films featuring hot, barely dressed girls, packing heavy artillery and making out with each other is your thing then Bitch Slap is definitely the movie for you. With themes from almost every genre imaginable, action, sci-fi, martial arts, Mob-films to James Bond, the film really works on many levels. Made on an independent budget, director Rick Jacobson does an extremely impressive job of making this film look like it had a $100 million budget, utilizing smart and well done CGI and green-screen effects. The production value of the film is very impressive. But what makes the film work is its attitude. It doesn't care about logic, clearly the filmmakers wanted to make a fun, action-pack film and they succeeded perhaps where some have failed. I think if Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" had half of the energy and fun of this film, it would have been a hell of a lot better and not the bore fest that it was.

Bitch Slap is clearly inspired and is paying homage to the Exploitation Films of the '50s-'70s and in doing so purposely has a somewhat cheesy script and spotty acting, I think on purpose, but it really doesn't matter because the bottom line is it works. The three lead actresses are all hot and well built, filling out their parts perfectly, no pun intended. Seeing really hot chicks fire off thousand of bullets at a time is always fun and the movie makes fun of itself while doing it. Look, this film is no great piece of art but it wasn't intended to be. It's a kick-ass, fully loaded thrill ride that doesn't take itself to seriously so why should you? Sure some of the plot twists are ridiculous but it makes for great escapist fun. The actors actually make the material work for the most part and there are some interesting twists that you won't see coming. I enjoyed the "Keyser Soze" villain that is featured in the film and that character's reveal at the end. The look of the film is unique combining excellent green-screen work with practical locations. The characters are also well developed and the films fast paced script will keep you on your feet throughout the movie.

The film follows three bad girls, Trixie (Julia Voth) a down-and-out stripper, Camero (America Olivo) a drug-running killer and Hel (Erin Cummings) a corporate powerbroker, as they arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort money from a ruthless underworld kingpin. However, things quickly spin out of control as allegiances change and truths are revealed. As the film goes on, the ladies are forced to confront a villain much worse than they ever expected... themselves. As the three girls fight for control, and alliances change as often as bullets fly, the girls get in deeper and deeper when a local policeman shows up and starts asking questions. The film unfolds backwards like "Memento" so we slowly find out the true intentions of many of the characters and those change throughout the film. When other dangerous characters are brought into rescue the kingpin the girls must put their differences aside and team-up to survive. With sexual tension between the girls flying high it's hard to tell at which moment they are going to kiss each other or try to kill each other. Eventually they realize that they have all been lying to each other and that each one is harboring a dangerous secret that could affect them all.

This movie works because it doesn't take itself seriously. This movie is pure fun and should be viewed that way. Yes, some of the twists are ridiculous but it works because of the film embraces it and establishes an out-of-this-world tone from the beginning. Voth, Cummings and Olivo are all very beautiful and make their characters work. While what they are doing on screen is in some ways exploitive and could be seen like that by some women, the actresses them selves don't seem to mind and are very comfortable with what they have been asked to perform. As an homage to films like "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" the film achieves its goals and the filmmakers should be pleased with that. It's a sexy, cool, action-packed movie that really pays off. Cummings especially is believable in her role and Olivo is almost hypnotic to watch, creating a very cool and intriguing character. Voth, who actually makes her feature film debut here is a bit over-shadowed by her two co-stars even though Trixie is really the lead role, however the twist her character has at the end goes a long way to making up for that. But it is the action in the film, the crazy but fun storyline and the impressive production value that makes this film the low-budget homerun that it is.

Director Rick Johnson cut his teeth directing hundred of hours of TV on popular shows like "Hercules: The Legend Continues" and "Xena: Warrior Princess" and it shows in this film. The trade mark look and feel of those shows, produced by director Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert the men behind the classic film "Evil Dead", is apparent throughout this film and clearly working with those two great producers taught Jacobson how to make low-cost productions that look like they cost a lot of money. Jacobson is able to juggle all the sub-plots and twist and turns within the genre itself, delivering all the sex and action you would expect from a film called "Bitch Slap." Also, keep an eye out for some great cameos from some of the "Hercules/Xena" cast including Kevin Sorbo as a "007" type agent, Lucy Lawless as a nun and Zoë Bell as a "Fight Club" type fighter. In fact, Bell choreographed most of the stunts and fights in the movie and did a terrific job. Ultimately, Bitch Slap certainly isn't going to win any awards but what it will do is give you a smoking good time! If you are in the mood for escapist fun and mindless action with lots of sexual content then look no further because Bitch Slap is what you've been looking for.

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