The Black Adam movie is all set to hit theaters on December 22nd, 2021. Dwayne Johnson made the announcement on social media while teasing us with a first look at some concept art. The movie has been in development for a long time and some fans were unsure if it was ever going to happen at all during certain periods of time. However, Johnson has kept positive about the situation and instructed fans to be patient because it was all going to be worth the wait. We're still two years away from seeing the movie, but it's a start.

As with any of his announcements, Dwayne Johnson shared a lengthy social media post to reveal Black Adam. As for the image, he thanks fan-favorite artist BossLogic for his collaboration with DC's Jim Lee, which he calls a "first time ever bad ass collaboration." It's a look that fans will more than likely enjoy too. Johnson had this to say about his journey to DC, with Black Adam shooting in 2020.

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"The Man in Black. Like most kids growing up, I dreamed about being a superhero. Having cool superpowers, fighting for what's right and always protecting the people. It all changed for me, when I was 10yrs old and was first introduced to the greatest superhero of all time - Superman. As a kid, Superman was the hero I always wanted to be. But, a few years into my fantasy, I realized that Superman was the hero, I could never be. I was too rebellious. Too rambunctious. Too resistant to convention and authority. Despite my troubles, I was still a good kid with a good heart - I just liked to do things my way. Now, years later as a man, with the same DNA I had as a kid - my superhero dreams have come true."

Black Adam is going to be an origin story and we're going to see the antihero on a journey. Dwayne Johnson says the character has a moral compass, but it might be hard to locate under the surface at times. This should be a pretty interesting role for the actor to take on and it's something he is very excited about tackling. Johnson went on to describe the character. He explains.

"I'm honored to join the iconic DC Universe and it's a true pleasure to become, Black Adam. Black Adam is blessed by magic with the powers equal to Superman, but the difference is he doesn't toe the mark or walk the line. He's a rebellious, one of a kind superhero, who'll always do what's right for the people - but he does it his way. Truth and justice - the Black Adam way. This role is unlike any other I've ever played in my career and I'm grateful to the bone we'll all go on this journey together. Black Adam 12.22.21"

Both Jim Lee and BossLogic have yet to respond to the news, but one can imagine they will as soon as they can. BossLogic has been creating amazing art for years, so it's great to see Marvel and DC embracing his hard work now. The artist was teasing something big earlier this week, but not many expected it to be this huge. Even The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan responded to the excellent art and announcement by simply saying, "dooooope."

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam is something DC fans have wanted for a long time. And while we have to wait just a little longer to see the movie, it seems like it will be worth the wait. Johnson has a great way of communicating with his fans and keeping them updated and Black Adam will be no different. You can check out the excellent first look at the character below, thanks to Dwayne Johnson's Instagram account.

Black Adam movie poster