DC's long-awaited Black Adam movie has cast Marwan Kenzari for a mystery role. The project is expected to begin filming in April, with Kenzari joining Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, and Quintessa Swindell. While filming is expected to begin in the next few months, there currently is no official release date set for the movie, which originally had some DC fans worried that something had gone wrong. However, everything seems to be moving along just fine at the moment.

While Black Adam is making progress behind-the-scenes with the casting of Aladdin standout Marwan Kenzari, there are no specific story details available to the public. DC is keeping everything under wraps, and even Dwayne Johnson isn't sharing any intel with the fans. Regardless, people are just happy that the movie is finally coming along, after years in development. The same can be said for The Flash movie, which is actually filming right now.

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Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to announce the latest casting news. "Welcome Marwan Kenzari to Black Adam. He brings a real weight and skill and will be that force our story needs," wrote Johnson on Twitter. Kenzari also starred in Netflix's Old Guard, which was massive for the streaming service, with over 78 million views in only four weeks. The actor also starred in the Dutch drama Instinct. Johnson wasn't kidding when he said that the actor was bringing "weight and skill" to Black Adam, as his acting ability has been praised many times in the last handful of years. While we don't know who he's playing just yet, DC fans will likely start speculating.

Black Adam will serve as an origin story for the character, which begins in ancient Egypt as he goes from being a slave to becoming a tyrannical ruler. However, after a crushing defeat, he lays dormant for thousands of years, but ends up coming back to the modern world. Dwayne Johnson is always excited about his roles, but this one holds a very special place in his heart. "Black Adam has been with me for over ten years now. That gives you an idea of how passionate I am about this project," he said late last year.

While it's been a long wait for Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson says he feels even better about the project now than ever before, thanks to living and learning over the past decade. Had the movie come out a decade ago, it might not have been given the attention that it deserves and it's possible that Johnson might not have had the personal experience to bring to the table like he does now. He states, "I'm able to bring a little bit of my own life lessons and philosophies and engrain them in the DNA of this character," which sounds promising. Now we'll just have to wait and see if he ends up meeting up with Shazam! You can read Dwayne Johnson's official Twitter casting announcement above.