During the leadup to DC FanDome, Dwayne Johnson proclaimed on social media that the hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change. Jonhson's comment was in reference to his upcoming DC movie Black Adam, where he will portray the titular role of a magical, 5000 years old warrior. In a post on Twitter, the actor teased an eventual showdown between his Black Adam and Superman, and explained why Adam would have the upper hand in such a scenario after showing off the Black Adam teaser at DC Fandome.

"One superhero who won't kill because of his code vs one antihero who's happy to - because of his code. All in the name of truth & justice. Maybe one day."
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In the comics, Black Adam is usually depicted either as a villain or an anti-hero, who uses the same set of magical powers as the superhero Shazam to bring the world under his control. And Dwayne Johnson will probably stay close to that in the movie. While Black Adam is often shown desiring to save humanity, he believes the path to achieving that objective is to rule the world with an iron fist and crush any opposition as brutally as possible.

Black Adam shows no hesitation in taking lives, but Superman has famously vowed to never kill. The one time he broke that promise at the end of Man of Steel, his decision to kill Zod haunted Superman for a long time. Clearly, Johnson is right in his assessment that a man who kills without mercy would be a more dangerous opponent than a man who always holds back for fear of hurting others.

When it comes to powers as well, Black Adam may have an advantage. Both Adam and Superman have super strength, super speed, flight, and invulnerability. Superman has a host of additional powers, but he also has a famous weakness to magic. As a being made of pure, extremely powerful magic, Black Adam's attacks will hurt the Man of Steel in a way that few other opponents can.

Another big difference between the two is that Black Adam is a lone wolf, who prefers to work alone through a mixture of arrogance and being convinced he alone has the strength of will to do what must be done. Here, Superman, with his open nature and friendliness has an advantage.

After all, Billy Batson aka Shazam is the natural enemy of Black Adam, since they both share the same power source. And Billy adores Superman. As was seen at the end of his 2019 origin movie Shazam!, Billy is now good friends with Superman, which means the two will most likely be facing Black Adam together, and combining forces to overcome their fearsome foe.

How soon fans will be able to witness the face-off between Black Adam, Shazam and Superman remains to be seen. Superman's next appearance in the DCEU is still very much up in the air, while Black Adam's first solo movie has not yet begun filming. For now, any arguments regarding their performance in a fight against one another will have to be settled in the imagination of the fans.

Neeraj Chand