If you are going to join The Gecko Brothers, The Frog Brothers or Van Helsing in fighting off a horde of vampires this Halloween season, you're not going to want to forget a few important tools. When killing blood suckers, it's always important to have stakes, access to sunlight...And a bag of Doritos? Well, this is a new one. But it seems Doritos is introducing a new corn chip that is as black as midnight. And it will help you ward off any impending attack from Dracula.

That's right! Though only currently being sold in Japan, Doritos has released a new garlic flavored pitch black corn chip on the market. And they're pretty scary. Just imagine what happens to these things after you consume them, and they make their way through your intestinal track, leaving skid marks throughout your lower intestine. If you're in Japan this Halloween, and you're visiting friends or simply want to leave a fun surprise in the local watering hole bathroom, you'll certainly want to get your hands on a bag of these fun treats.

Black snack food has become a popular trend in Japan, and it's probably only a matter of time before this takes off in America. Just last year, Burger King introduced the all-black Whopper in the country. And then there's the Pitch Black Mountain Dew, which has become regularly available. Now, you can have a fully rounded meal with these intense garlic flavored chips.

This isn't the first time that Doritos has tested an all-black chip on the market. Way back in 2014, they brought the Rock'n'Black corn chip to store shelves. It was pepper and rock salt flavored. And not quite as delicious as this new garlic flavored chip. (Or so we've heard). Thanks to a fan on Twitter, we have a look at the packaging for these chips, which shows a vampire, his castle and plenty of scary bats in the moonlight.

There is no telling when these black, garlic flavored Doritos will hit American shores. Though, a lot of local grocery stores including Albertons have made fresh baked Black and Orange corn chips available to its guests for years now. Just looking at the glistening salt on these is enough to make your mouth water. But are they really worth a trip to Japan? Perhaps you can order some off of Ebay? They should arrive fresh and in your house before October 31 if you hurry.