A new trailer for Black Ops has been released. This is the latest from the folks at Samuel Goldwyn Films and comes from writer/director Tom Paton (Black Site, Redwood). On the surface at least, this seems like a somewhat standard modern military operation flick. A rag-tag group of heroes on a mission. That old bit. However, the movie made its debut at FrightFest last year, a genre film festival. What on Earth was a move like this doing at a festival geared toward horror, one might wonder? This trailer provides a pretty interesting answer to that very question.

The trailer kicks off with a squad of military personal heading out on a mission in 2019. A big deal is made about the level of risk. Seemingly standard stuff for this sort of movie. Their mission takes something of an odd, dark turn and, after its over, things get especially strange. The group is then forced to travel up a flight of seemingly unending steps while something nightmarish haunts them. It looks zombie-esque, but the trailer paints it as something more supernatural. It's bloody horror mixed with a lot of bullet-fueled action. Sure, it's on the low budget end of the spectrum, but surely this one gets at least some points for creativity.

In addition to the trailer, a poster has also been released, which comes with the tagline, "The only way out is up." The cast includes Shayne Ward (Coronation Street), Toby Osmond (Game of Thrones), Sophie Austin (Call the Midwife), Alana Wallace (Black Site), Matt Malecki (Hurricane), Simon Meacock (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) and Bentley Kalu (Wonder Woman). George Burt and Alexa Waugh serve as producers, with Kirsty Bell, Phil McKenzie, Steve Mosley and Tom Paton on board as executive producers.

Black Ops centers on a specialist military team who find themselves trapped in a terrifying, never-ending stairwell. The group is forced to climb or die as they soon come face to face with their past sins in a desperate fight for survival. The movie was originally screened under the title Stairs and The Ascent. For whatever reason, the powers that be opted to change the title ahead of its forthcoming release.

As it stands, most movie theaters in the U.S. look to remain closed until at least the end of July, with only a handful of drive-ins open around the country. That means, for the time being at least, new movie options are somewhat limited. Especially compared to what cinema lovers are accustomed to during the summer movie season. So, for those who have already exhausted what streaming services such as Netflix have to offer in a couple of months, this may be something to look into this summer. Black Ops is set to be released on June 12 on VOD via Samuel Goldwyn Films. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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