Chadwick Boseman wants Black Panther 2 to build up from the foundation created by the first installment. Boseman brought T'Challa to life on the big screen in 2018's highly successful Black Panther. The movie came out in February 2018 and instantly broke box office records and went on to become a cultural phenomenon. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans became immersed in the world of Wakanda, along with a lot of people who have never even seen a comic book movie. So, what's next for T'Challa?

After the success of the first installment, there is going to be a lot of pressure to get Black Panther 2 done right. Not only that, but we saw Wakanda and T'Challa in Infinity War and, to a lesser extent, Avengers: Endgame too. However, Chadwick Boseman has his goals set out for the highly anticipated sequel and he knows what he wants to see. He explains.

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"I think, you know, hopefully we can maintain the foundation that we sort of set and build upon it and expand it and explore it. That's what I hope. But I think first you have to maintain the foundation. We built a culture and a world, so you have to make sure that you keep that in place."

The Black Panther 2 script was just in the very early stages of being written this past October. So we can't imagine they're too far along. Building off of the foundation of Black Panther should not be too difficult. Between the last three times we've seen T'Challa on the big screen, there are plenty of places the story can go. With that being said, director/writer Ryan Coogler says there's "a lot of pressure" when trying to come up with a satisfying story arc for the sequel. He had this to say about it in a recent interview.

"I think the pressure is kind of always going to be there. I've had a chance to make three feature films, each one of them had its own very specific type of pressure. In the process of it, it feels insurmountable each time."

Ryan Coogler and Marvel Studios do have a lot of pressure on themselves to deliver the goods with Black Panther 2. However, they have some time to figure it out. Black Panther 2 is in theaters May 6th, 2022, which means production won't likely start until spring 2021. Coogler has plenty of time to write a few drafts and get feedback, should he want or need it.

Chadwick Boseman is currently out promoting 21 Bridges, which the Russo Brothers are producers on. The actor reveals that they told him about the story at the Infinity War premiere and the rest is history. Boseman enjoys working with the directing/producing duo and notes that they were very hands-on with 21 Bridges. As for what Black Panther 2 will be about, Boseman is keeping his mouth shut. He says, "The only thing I can say is that, for people who are hungry, the food is being prepared. I'm sorry I can't say more!" You can check out the interview with Boseman thanks to the MTV International YouTube channel.

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