There are SPOILERS for Infinity War below, so read ahead at your own risk. After the conclusion of Infinity War, many were left wondering what will happen to the Black Panther sequel. T'Challa, like many heroes and half of the universe, turned to dust at the end of the movie. However, there's still a lot more of Wakanda's story left to tell, according to Black Panther producer Nate Moore. After the smash success of T'Challa's standalone movie, a sequel was guaranteed, but many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are wondering just exactly how everything will work out.

While it isn't currently clear if T'Challa will return for Black Panther 2, Nate Moore reveals that there are many ways that the story can be told. There has been speculation over the last several weeks that somebody else could possibly take on the role, possibly even Shuri, if she lived through the snap of Thanos. There's even a Dora Milaje spin-off that Ryan Coogler has expressed interest in. Nate Moore explains.

"The truth is, Black Panther is a mantle almost as much as it's a character, so there's a lot of different ways we can take the storytelling going forward because the world of Wakanda is so vast and so interesting that we have some great ideas."

Black Panther producer Nate Moore has also revealed that there is plenty of the Wakanda stories left to tell, noting that there were even a bunch of ideas that were already discussed while the first movie was in production. Though the producer didn't go into detail, this should come as comforting news to Black Panther fans. Moore also stated how important these new stories are and how that

"We know there's a ton more story to tell in Wakanda because even in the two hours we had there were ideas we left on the table just because of time. And the good news is, because ultimately we have a good insight on what all the films are doing, we knew what Infinity War and what Avengers 4 next year will do and are able to sort of plan accordingly. So I think there are great stories that will feel like the necessary next storytelling beat from what you've seen in Black Panther, but also carry the ball forward from what happened, the very real thing that happened at the end of Avengers 3 and what will again happen next May. So it's all been planned out to as much as we plan anything out frankly, with room for great ideas to come and surprise us, but we're excited. There's still a ton of story left to tell."

Additionally, Nate More also talked about how much the crew knew about the story of Infinity War and Avengers 4 before even starting production on Black Panther. Before Infinity War even premiered, the Russo Brothers admitted to screening the movie to other directors within the MCU, so that they would know what they were working with. That being said, Black Panther was created and crafted with those events in mind. Nate Moore explained further.

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"We knew pretty early on. So I was fortunate enough to be in those early writers rooms with Chris (Markus) and Steve (McFeely) and Joe (Russo) and Anthony (Russo) when they were breaking Infinity War and Avengers 4, so I knew what was coming and knew that they had a really good reason for choosing the characters they did. I think it was probably a bigger shock honestly for Ryan Coogler, but here's the good news, I think we were able to deliver a film that stands on its own and that carves out a very special place in the Marvel universe."

Before Infinity War, Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 had been announced and Black Panther 2 had been openly discussed, which made the ending of Infinity War that much stranger. While it is unclear if Chadwick Boseman will return as King T'Challa, we at least know that the story of Wakanda will still be told in the next phase of the MCU. Now all we have to do is wait for Avengers 4 to hit theaters next May to figure out how everything will move forward. You can read the rest of the interview with Black Panther producer Nate Moore at We Got This Covered.

Kevin Burwick