A packed movie theater in Atlanta was treated to the first 10 minutes of Fifty Shades Freed instead of Black Panther and the crowd was not amused. One Marvel fan just keeps shouting, "No!" over and over again. The two movies could not be more different than each other and one has to wonder how a mix up like that could ever happen in the first place, especially on the opening night of Black Panther, a movie that people have been looking forward to for months.

One moviegoer took to social media to share a few videos from the first 10 minutes of Fifty Shades Freed with a crowd both laughing and angry at the same time. There are many people laughing, but there are just as many who are shouting and displaying their disgust with the mishap. A few people went and told the theater manager and the movie was changed to Black Panther. However, why did it take 10 minutes for that changeover to occur? 10 minutes of Fifty Shades Freed sounds like an eternity.

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Black Panther surpassed Captain America: Civil War's Thursday night screenings with an impressive $25 million, which puts the movie on track to earn upwards of $180 million for the weekend and over $200 million if the Monday holiday is taken into account. This is all after already shattering Fandango's presale records for the first quarter of the year, which is another impressive feat. But, will Black Panther have what it takes to keep the momentum going in movie theaters, or will it fizzle out? The movie is still getting rave reviews from critics and fans, so it just might have the staying power to keep earning.

The Thursday night screenings brought out the Black Panther super fans who came out in force, dressed as their favorite characters or in traditional African clothing. Rapper MC Hammer was seen dressed up with his crew in Oakland, while fans from all over the United States dressed up as well. One duo even dressed like Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall from Coming to America, which has to be seen to be believed. Fans we're even spotted raising their fists at the end of some screenings while others brought in percussion instruments to play on the way out of the theater.

Fifty Shades Freed probably had the best attended screening in its short history at the box office with the Black Panther crowd. That should have been the tip-off that something was wrong right there. "Why are all of these people here to see Fifty Shades Freed?" Or, the whole thing could have been a prank that went on for far too long. Whatever the reasoning behind it, Black Panther fans got what they wanted in the end. You can check out the video of the theater playing the wrong movie below, courtesy of The Chef Steve's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick