Black Panther has already beat Justice League at the domestic box office after just four days of release. It's no secret at this point that Warner Bros. didn't get what they wanted out of Justice League and the movie is likely to lose quite a bit of money. Even if it turns a profit, it will be minimal. On the flipside of the coin, Marvel has another massive hit with Black Panther, which is over-performing in just about every way possible. Still, even with that, it's really eye-opening to realize that a relatively obscure character from the world of Marvel Comics has beat DC's premiere, A-list team at the box office over the course of a long holiday weekend.

Over the President's Day weekend, Black Panther pulled in a staggeringly impressive $235 million domestic debut. Even if we ignore Monday, the movie still pulled in $201 million over the course of the three day weekend, making it the fifth-highest domestic debut at the box office ever. That's just one weekend in. Justice League, on the other hand, earned just $228.6 million during the entirety of its theatrical run at the box office. It's not hard to imagine that Black Panther could more than double that number by the time the dust settles.

From a financial perspective beyond looking simply at the box office, the upside for Marvel is truly better as well. Justice League had a troubled production with very expensive reshoots done by Joss Whedon. That reportedly brought the budget up to $300 million. That's before marketing costs. That makes the movie's $657.4 million worldwide number, which would be great for most movies, pretty terrible. On the flipside, Marvel once again, as far as we know, had a breezy production with Creed director Ryan Coogler at the helm for Black Panther. Even though the movie's production budget was high, at a reported $200 million, that's still a whole lot less than Justice League's and this movie will prove to be quite profitable.

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The other factor to consider here is reception. Black Panther currently boasts a 97 percent approval rating from critics, while Justice League holds a pretty ugly 40 percent. As for the audience score, both movies are nearly identical in that respect, at 77 and 76 percent, respectively. Though, there are some angry fans that may have bombed Rotten Tomatoes with negative reviews to sabotage Black Panther's score. In any case, word of mouth is clearly better for Black Panther looking around online and that's helped get people in seats. Not to mention the overall strength of Marvel's brand at this point and the good will they've managed to build with audiences over the years.

Black Panther will easily overtake Justice League at the worldwide box office in the coming weeks. Currently, the movie has made a reported $404 million worldwide so far, with $169 million coming from overseas to go with the domestic opening weekend gross, according to Box Office Mojo. With Black Panther still rolling out in key markets, this could be yet another Marvel movie to cross the $1 billion mark at the box office, when all's said and done.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott