Black Panther has been in development for quite some time at Marvel, and while casting hasn't officially started yet, a number of actors have expressed interest in the title role recently, including John Boyega, Chadwick Boseman and Djimon Hounsou. Now another actor has thrown his hat in the ring for the role, Boardwalk Empire's Michael K. Williams.

While doing press for Kill the Messenger, the actor revealed he hopes to join the Marvel family, although he hasn't had any discussions with the studio yet.

"No not yet. And I'm saying 'yet' with a lot of emphasis. But hopefully I'm looking forward to being apart of the franchise."

When asked if there was a particular character he's eyeing, the actor said he wants to play Black Panther.

"Black Panther. Yeah, definitely."

The actor added that he grew up with admiring a number of comic books as a child, listing his favorite comic book characters.

"I grew up with it, but I'm more excited about the opportunity. I'm a little more old school. I was into Superman, Batman, Spider-Man. My three top favorites by far. And then you know Wonder Woman, Aquaman--you know that's my world. That's my childhood."

It isn't known how far along Black Panther is in the development process, or when it may be ready to start production. Back in July, just before Comic-Con 2014, Marvel Studios announced five new release dates for Marvel Phase Three and, presumably, Marvel Phase Four that go up to the year 2019, and it is believed that Black Panther will fill one of those release date slots.

The actor revealed that he would bring a "New York City edge" to Black Panther, if he was given an opportunity to portray him.

"It would depend on the script. I would definitely bring that quintessential New York City edge. You know, just a little bit of that grit."

Michael K. Williams stars in Kill the Messenger alongside Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in next year's Avengers: Age of Ultron. It's possible that Jeremy Renner may recommend Michael K. Williams for the Black Panther role, when the project gets ready to start casting.

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