Chadwick Boseman surprised some very lucky Black Panther fans with the help of Jimmy Fallon. At this point, Black Panther has cemented itself as not only a true powerhouse blockbuster, but a very important and cultural moment. Never has such a big movie been so representing of people of color, and that's meant a great deal to a lot of people. In order to show some appreciation, Boseman, who stars as King T'Challa, decided to surprise fans who were touched by this superhero outing.

While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, fans who had seen Black Panther were invited to share their thoughts on the movie and what it meant to them. They were sharing these thoughts an empty room, or so they thought. But at the right moment, Chadwick Boseman and Jimmy Fallon would pop out to surprise them. Most everyone was awestruck by Boseman, making Fallon an afterthought, which shows just how much this movie means to a great many people, and how much of a role model Boseman has become. One particular fan got flack from Boseman for admitting to bootlegging Black Panther for one of his viewings.

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It's one thing for Black Panther to be a good movie, which by most accounts, it definitely is. But what director Ryan Coogler was able to accomplish, with the help of Marvel Studios and the cast, is clearly something much more important than just a great comic book adventure. This video provides a true example of how impactful this Marvel spin-off is for so many people who rarely feel represented in mainstream Hollywood. There's a great moment where a mom walks in with her son to talk about how much it means to have Black Panther as a role model. The kid is totally speechless when Chadwick Boseman walks in the room.

What's more is that Black Panther is almost certainly going to encourage other studios to follow suit, as the movie has been a resounding success. So far, Black Panther has already surpassed Wonder Woman at the domestic box office, earning $421.9 million, with a worldwide total of $748.2 million. The movie will almost definitely wind up passing the $1 billion mark, which would have almost seemed unfathomable just a couple of months ago. Hollywood likes to learn the right lessons when money is involved, and it's clear that offering diversity and representation in a quality movie will result in a lot of money.

Black Panther 2 hasn't officially been given the green light yet, but Marvel Studios is surely just waiting for the right time to announce it, as there's no way they're going to let this be a one and done thing. We also are going to get a lot more Black Panther and Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War this summer, which is great for both Marvel and all of the fans who have been impacted by this movie. Be sure to check out the video of Chadwick Boseman surprising Black Panther fans, courtesy of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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