Marvel's Black Panther has become more than a box office smash for a lot of people. The movie has a predominantly black cast and was able to get a lot of people who wouldn't normally go to a comic book movie in theaters. Black Panther highlights inclusivity and empowerment, but Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson has his doubts on the lasting impact of the movie on the entertainment industry.

In a new interview, Samuel L. Jackson detailed his thoughts on Black Panther and how it will affect the big picture in the long run. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure was a huge representation of black actors on the big screen, Jackson is unsure that the movie will be able to accomplish anything on its own. The actor believes that a larger barrier will have to be broken down before any real change is started. Samuel L. Jackson had this to say.

"I'm not positive that Black Panther is going to change the dynamic of black stories being told in Hollywood and being accepted all over the world. It's an action-adventure story and a lot of people like those, and they'll work all over the world forever because everybody loves a hero. But not everybody loves a drama about somebody's life experience, that's why awards have a separate category for foreign films; they are perceived as being different. Once we stop perceiving them as different and just see them as good films and they get recognized in the same category, we'll be laying markers."

Some will argue about Samuel L. Jackson's thoughts on Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, but many agree with him stating an unpopular opinion. While the movie isn't going to singlehandedly change much in the entertainment industry, it surely has done a lot for black actors in the superhero realm, which is a big start. However, Jackson is right about real change not coming down the line until all movies are just seen as movies, no matter who stars in them.

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The box office explosion that Black Panther caused isn't solely about moviegoers enjoying action movies. Young people have been inspired as well as viewers of all ages to see a new kind of superhero that looks like them. In underserved communities, many actors and public officials bought out movie theaters to show the movie for free to show the importance of its release. Since then, the movie has become a cultural phenomenon in the hearts of new and old comic movie fans.

Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be shown next in the forthcoming Infinity War along with most of the cast of Black Panther in the exciting culmination of 10 years of the MCU. Wakanda has been a big part in the marketing of the epic movie, and fans are excited to get another look at T'Challa so soon after the release of his first movie. As for long-term change, we'll just have to wait and see what Black Panther will inspire. For now, you can read the rest of the interview with Samuel L. Jackson at Celebretainment.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick