Marvel Studios has released a brand new clip from the highly-anticipated Black Panther, which gives fans a small glimpse at what looks like a major action sequence. The scene takes place at a South Korean casino, the same setting as a new Black Panther photo that debuted earlier this month featuring both T'Challa and Nakia (Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong'o). This clip begins with a defiant Nakia telling Okoye that it's "now or never," which prompts Okoye to tell Nakia to "stand down" in the Wakandan language, which, unfortunately, draws the attention of one of the guards. With their cover blown, both Okoye and Nakia are forced to swing into action, in a scene that proves you shouldn't mess with the Dora Milaje.

Nakia shows off her amazing skills with a retractable spear/staff, even using her fake wig as a means of distraction. When she uses her staff to toss this guard onto the ground floor, crashing into one of the casino tales, this causes Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) to immediately pull out his gun and start firing at Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman), although he's able to shield himself from the gunfire thanks to a bulletproof briefcase. T'challa can be seen with his back to both Klaue and Ross before the gunfire goes down, although it isn't known when Ross and Klaue were discussing before the casino erupts into chaos.

After Klaue starts firing at Ross, T'challa kicks over one of the gaming tables to use as cover, before taking on a number of Klaue's men single-handedly. Nakia proves to be quite resourceful as well, using one of her heels to take out a few of her attackers, while Okoye continues to hold her own on the top floor, where it's revealed that the other end of this staff/spear also serves as a taser, with Okoye delivering a jolt to one of her enemies before sending him over the railing, crashing to the casino floor. While we don't get much in terms of story development in this one-minute clip, there is more than enough action to go around.

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This clip debuts just hours after the first reactions surfaced for Black Panther, following the world premiere screening last night in Los Angeles. While the full reviews aren't in yet, many critics are already calling it Marvel Studios' best movie yet. There is even talk already about multiple sequel and spin-offs being spawned from this movie alone, although it may be quite some time before any of these potential projects are officially announced. Still, given the recent box office projections for Black Panther, more Panther movies may already be a foregone conclusion.

We reported last week that Black Panther is eyeing between a $100 million and $120 million box office debut, when it hits theaters on February 16. If it manages to exceed those projections, there's a chance it may even be able to dethrone the R-rated Deadpool, which currently has the record for the highest-grossing February debut ($132.4 million). Given how many Marvel movies tend to out-gross their projections, and the enormous buzz Black Panther has leading into its February 16 release, anything is possible. Take a look at this new Black Panther clip below, courtesy of Marvel YouTube.