It worked for The Last Jedi, didn't it? After some hackers declared they'd dropped Rotten Tomatoes audience score for the latest Star Wars sequel (which the site claims just isn't true), a new group is planning to sabotage Disney's Black Panther by rigging it so that the audience score is as equally dreadful. These threats come from rage-fueled DC fans who believe the DCEU just isn't getting a fair shake on the aggregating review site. Which was accused by some of promoting and glorifying Star Wars 7 with great critics reviews, while Justice League and the rest of the DCEU universe (aside from Wonder Woman) has been relegated to the rotten category.

Say what you want about certain critics being paid off by Disney, which we assure you isn't true, but Rotten Tomatoes doesn't have a horse in that game, and they even withheld all Justice League reviews until the night of its preview screening release, something they had never done before to the benefit of DC and Warner Bros., and it was a move that seemingly helped Justice League with the first wave of eager audience members.

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Facts aside, this latest group of rage-fueled DC fans is hoping to diminish the success of Black Panther, though The Last Jedi's dismal audience score on the site didn't appear to hurt its box office, as it became 2017's highest grossing movie of the year. The Black Panther premiere happened this past week, and fans have been quick to praise it on social media, already covering the movie with glowing reviews. Some have even called it the best Marvel movie yet.

Is that true? We don't know, we haven't seen it. But all this glowing white hot noise surrounding the movie has rallied a group of weirdos who want to take the movie down, simply because it's a Marvel movie and they are DC fans. The Marvelous Realm pointed out the disturbing Facebook post, which they laughed off as ridiculous. But is it really? It almost edges on the side of being disturbing.

This group of Anti-Marvel zealots is 2,000 strong and growing. They plan to do everything in their power to thwart Black Panther's success at the box office. And it doesn't appear to be fueled by racism. Though Black Panther sports a mostly African-American cast, it just appears that it is unlucky enough to be the next Marvel movie coming out after all The Last Jedi so-called Rotten Tomatoes rigging. It sounds like they would have done the same for Infinity War, though attacking Ant-Man 2 may have been a mute point, as that's sort of considered a fringe Marvel movie.

The group solely sites the unfair treatment of DC movies, and they are definitely going to stick it to Black Panther, a movie about one superhero instead of six, by tampering with the movie's audience score. They believe this will ruin Marvel fans enjoyment of the movie. And take some happiness out of the big celebration so far surrounding Ryan Coogler's adventure film. Whoo-boy. This is where we're at in society right now? Check please.

This angry group of DC Comics lovers isn't going to just stop at Black Panther, but they plan to go after all future Marvel movies. Way to announce your attack plans early and often, so Rotten Tomatoes doesn't see it coming and plan for any kind of potential sabotage on their end. This is like me telling you I'm going to rob my neighborhood 7-11 every Sunday at 9pm on the third Tuesday of every month. Dumb.

This same group is now taking responsibility for The Last Jedi's low audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, something that the site says simply hasn't been tampered with. The easiest way to know is if Black Panther gets a lot of audience backlash. Check any forum or comment section, and you can see that hate runs deep and wide for The Last Jedi, and that audience score isn't there by accident. As of now, Black Panther is targeting a huge record breaking weekend that could exceed $150 million during its debut. Let's see if these whiney little faction of DC fans, who do not represent DC fans at large, can take Black Panther down a notch, or if they're giving the rest of us long-time DC admires a truly bad name in the realm of comic book fandom. Marvel and DC fans should just stop worrying and learn to love it all.