Craving a little more Black Panther goodness after seeing it this past weekend? Why not watch director Ryan Coogler breakdown that epic casino fight from the movie? Marvel's Black Panther has finally arrived in theaters and is riding a wave of hype that helped push it into the stratosphere. The adventure smashed box office records and has been met with tons of praise, not only for just being a great comic book movie, but for being an important and groundbreaking one at that. Much of that is thanks to the movie's director and, watching him discuss this scene and show us how it all came together, it's easy to see why Black Panther turned out as good as it did.

The casino fight is one of the biggest action set pieces in the entire movie and one of the scenes that Marvel released online early to try and build just a bit more hype for Black Panther. If you've seen the movie, you know why. The scene is amazing and makes those comparisons that Ryan Coogler made between this movie and James Bond make a whole lot of sense. Being that it's not only one of the best, but also the most complex and intricate scenes in the movie, seeing the whole thing pulled apart like this is pretty fascinating.

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Ryan Coogler not only breaks down the action, but gives tons of interesting details about the scene and what went into it, like pointing out that Lupita Nyong'o's dress was actually 3D printed and also making note of the many African cultural influences that are present. He also breaks down the importance of many of the colors you see in the scene and throughout the movie, such as Andy Serkis' Klaue wearing blue, which represents colonization. Also surprising is that Coogler reveals all of the core actors were the ones fighting in this scene. There were no stunt doubles.

This video makes it clear why Ryan Coogler was the right man for the job when it came to Black Panther and why the movie has been so unbelievably successful so far. The movie will debut to a staggering $235 million over the four-day holiday weekend, which shatters any and all expectations, making it the second-highest debut for an MCU movie ever at the box office. To put that into perspective, if we just look at the three-day number, black panther still brought in more than double what Justice League did on its opening weekend.

Black Panther's success proves that people are more than willing to embrace diversity. More than anything, they just want to see a good movie and this is a very good movie. Also, this video will definitely make you hope that the Black Panther Blu-ray comes with a director commentary track from Ryan Coogler. Be sure to check out the video of Coogler breaking down the casino fight scene, courtesy of the Vanity Fair YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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