Two clever Black Panther fans dressed up in one trench coat in an attempt to only pay for one ticket to watch the movie. That just shows how massive the popularity of Black Panther is right now. Theaters are still selling out showings, 3 days after the movie premiered. Additionally, Black Panther is dominating the box office and now has the biggest February opening in history, easily knocking the previous record holder, Deadpool, out to second place. So it stands to reason that tickets are in limited supply and a prank of this magnitude needs go be pulled.

California moviegoers were treated to the sight of two teenagers in one trench coat attempting to buy one ticket for Black Panther. The two young men are absolutely towering over even the tallest person in the video. However, it's surprising how well the two were able to walk around like that. It's almost like they put in some practice beforehand to pull off this absurd 2-for-1 scam. In the end, their prank didn't work, and they had to purchase two tickets to watch the mighty T'Challa on the big screen.

The trench coat technique that the young men utilized is something that people really don't see every day, and if they have seen it, it's more than likely from an animated movie or show. Perhaps one of the most impressive is in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but one of the best that was ever pulled off in real-life is shown on the 1994 movie, The Little Rascals. These guys get a strong A for effort and an A+ in the comedy department. The guy working at the movie theater didn't find it very funny though.

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Black Panther's Thursday night preview screenings, which is now the second highest in Marvel Cinematic Universe history, many fans showed up dressed as characters from the movie or in traditional African clothing. The world premiere of the movie asked guests to dress in royal clothing, so some clever fans took it one step further and dressed up as Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall's characters from Coming to America. It's been cool to see all of the fun a creativity that Black Panther has spawned in a time where laughter is needed the most. There's a lot going on in the world, so it's nice to tune out for a bit and get some entertainment from a movie.

While the two young men trying the trench coat trick were unsuccessful, there could be some copycats on the rise now that this video has gone viral. It wouldn't be surprising to see someone attempt this 2-for-1 maneuver in the near feature. Black Panther will more than likely end up at number one at the box office for a second consecutive weekend and there's been whispers about the movie hitting the billion-dollar mark. That's a lofty goal, but Black Panther might have what it takes to do it. You can check out the hilarious video of the trench coat trick below, courtesy of Pillsbury's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick