Francis Ford Coppola loved a scene in Ryan Coogler's Black Panther so much that he asked to see it again after the end of the movie. Coogler revealed that he showed the movie to Coppola because the director was a big inspiration, stating that, "his work inspired a lot of the story." Coogler talks about the screening on the commentary track for the new Black Panther Blu-ray, which hits stores on May 15th.

Ryan Coogler says that when he showed Francis Ford Coppola an early screening of Black Panther, the director asked to see a key scene again because he liked it so much. Coogler said, "As soon as the movie was off, he said, Rewind it to the most important scene in the movie. The scene where everything changed." Coogler relays the story calmly and evenly, without sharing any bit of excitement, just playing it cool during the commentary track like it was no big deal.

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The aforementioned scene is when Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa confronts Forest Whitaker's Zuri about what happened to Killmonger and his father, N'Jobu back in Oakland. During the early 1990s. It's during this scene that T'Challa learns that his father killed his own brother, N'Jobu, who had been hatching a scheme to provide people outside of Wakanda with Vibranium. The story is intense and told through a flashback. Young Erik "Killmonger" Stevens is left in Oakland alone as to not let anybody know what truly happened in the past. The revelation comes as a shock to T'Challa as he begins to understand the pain and suffering of his enemy.

Black Panther has been praised as one of the best superhero movies ever to be released and broke all kinds of box office records upon its debut in February of this year. The movie became a cultural phenomenon, resulting in a lot of people going to see a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie who normally wouldn't go see a comic book movie in theaters. The success came as a huge surprise to Marvel Studios who expected it to do well but did not expect it to crush the box office the way that it did.

The fact that Francis Ford Coppola asked to see a scene from Black Panther twice should tell you something about the quality of the film. It's a movie that stands on its own, outside of the MCU, allowing anybody to come check out the story without having to have seen all of the other movies, which is something that all of the MCU movie do quite well. Now that Black Panther is almost out on Blu-ray and digitally, MCU fans can also take the film apart and dissect all of the scenes while listening to Ryan Coogler's commentary. This story was first released by The Hollywood Reporter.

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