A certain faction of so-called DCEU "fans" have started to tamper with Marvel's Black Panther reviews on IMDb after promising to sabotage the scores at Rotten Tomatoes. The Facebook group Down with Disney was removed from the social media site after news stories started to spread about the group's plan to mess with Black Panther. The group bragged about being responsible for the terrible user scores on Rotten Tomatoes vs. the critical reviews that praised The Last Jedi, and they plan to do the same thing for all upcoming Marvel and Disney projects.

Up until a few days ago, Black Panther's score was stellar over on IMDb, with reviews ranging from 8/10 to 10/10 with a few outliers of a 7. However, a lot has changed in a few days. Now the top ratings make up for roughly 70 percent of all ratings and a slew of 1-star scores have popped up, comprising of 23.1 percent of the total rating. The 1-star ratings have brought the total score for Black Panther down to a 6.7/10. The good reviews currently outweigh the negative reviews by a huge margin.

The Down with Disney group was not happy about being silenced on Facebook, so the crew now gathers on 4chan and Reddit, waiting for Black Panther to hit theaters so they can sabotage the Rotten Tomatoes scores as well. The popular review aggregate site recently released a statement declaring that they will remove any reviews that contain hate speech, but that basically gave the trolls parameters to keep their negative reviews up on the site without being taken down. The group believes that the DCEU does not get a fair shake by reviewers and has a conspiracy theory that Disney pays off critics.

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Black Panther director Ryan Coogler was asked about the troll plan to bring down the reviews of the movie, but he insisted that he did not care at all. Coogler admitted to wanting as many different people to go see Black Panther from as many different backgrounds and cultures as possible. User reviews are becoming meaningless as so-called "fans" tamper with results just because they don't like a certain movie or studio putting out a movie, so it will be interesting to see what sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB do in the future when calculating scores of movies.

Black Panther is all set to dominate at the box office. Early reports have the movie making at least $150 million on opening weekend, which will be one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's highest openings to date. Additionally, star Chadwick Boseman is on the cover of Time Magazine and the Kendrick Lamar curated soundtrack is out now, gaining positive reviews and heaping more hype on the project. Internet trolls will not have an effect on the success of Black Panther. You can check out the difference in ratings for the movie at IMDb.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick