All it took was one 3-star review of Black Panther to take away its 100% Fresh Score on Rotten Tomatoes. Several fans were wondering how long Marvel's Black Panther would keep its perfect rating on the popular review aggregate site and as it turns out, it wasn't very long at all. But why did it go from 100 percent to 99 percent in less than a week? Should we be worrying about Black Panther? The one review in question did not pan the movie, but it only gave it 3 stars, which went into the aggregate site and brought Black Panther down.

The aforementioned Black Panther review is from the Irish Independent and it doesn't trash Black Panther at all. Instead, the review is actually quite good throughout, giving the highly anticipated Marvel movie good marks for the action sequences and the look of the movie. The review claims that the opening sequence is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's finest moments to date. However, it states that Black Panther doesn't quite hit the mark and is suffers from its pressure "to stand for something bigger than itself."

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That one "meh" review of Black Panther was enough to bring the aggregate down to 99 percent, which is still awesome. As of this writing, there are 78 reviews of Black Panther on Rotten Tomatoes, 77 of which are "fresh." The one 3-star review was enough to bring it down 1 percent and fans are pretty angry about it already. However, with a movie as highly rated as Black Panther is, it sets up expectations for fans that are almost impossible to deal with.

Out of all of the reviews for Black Panther, one of the only common complaints is that T'Challa is too perfect. There's no flaws in the character, which makes automatic comparisons to Superman. Some flaws are always good in a story and they help to push a stronger narrative, but is it really necessary to knock a character for being too perfect? This is a superhero movie that we're talking about here. T'Challa may be based off of real-life, but the story is taken from a comic book where it's ok to have the hero be perfect and somebody to look up to.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16th and some "fans" of the DCEU are planning to hit Rotten Tomatoes with a blast of negative reviews as retribution for all of the hate that Justice League and Batman v Superman endured. The group had a page on Facebook that was recently taken down and Rotten Tomatoes says that they will take down any reviews that contain hate speech, but it already may be too late. Black Panther wasn't going to remain perfect for too long and we all know that it wasn't going to last once the "fans" get ahold of it. You can check out all of the reviews for Black Panther at Rotten Tomatoes.