Black Panther is one of the most anticipated movies of 2018 and a new report suggests that there's going to be a lot sequels and spin-offs in the coming years, which was set only 2 months into production of the movie, according to producer Nate Moore. Moore revealed that all of the pieces for the project fell into place once Ryan Coogler signed on to direct, noting that Marvel wasn't sure about the actors they could get until the Creed director came on board, putting together an all-star cast. It has been reported that Coogler wanted to do something special for Black Panther, and by the looks of things, he has succeeded.

ScreenRant reports that the excitement around Black Panther ramped up as soon as Ryan Coogler stepped in to helm the project. Producer Nate Moore revealed that once the cast was locked in, that the true potential of the franchise became evident, leading to the idea of sequels and spin-offs. He explains.

"We've always tried to find room for faces that look like everybody and not just homogenous casting. Panther obviously is a big swing that we hope to continue through many sequels and take some of these characters and put them in other franchises because I do think there's a way to cross-pollinate in an interesting way."

This has already started to a certain degree with T'Challa showing up in Captain America: Civil War as well as the upcoming Infinity War and the still untitled Avengers 4. There's a wealth of deep characters in the Black Panther story, which will hopefully see more than just T'Challa in the other movies.

Nate Moore went on to talk further about the importance of casting. Black Panther is Marvel's first movie with a black lead character with a predominately black cast, which Moore maintains happened organically. The producer also said that it was important for the movie to try and represent many cultures and gave an interesting parallel while talking about diverse casting. He explains.

"But it's also finding new heroes and new stories that allow us to do that organically. Looking at casting as a way to find the best actor regardless of race or gender frankly. Sometimes we step in it a little bit. I think the Ancient One in Doctor Strange was a bit of a lesson for us. In trying to avoid a stereotype we created an issue that we completely understood in hindsight. But we want to tell stories for everybody. I always point to the Fast and Furious franchise as sort of the standard bearer for casting a film that travels everywhere because somebody is represented no matter where you go. I think that's really valuable. I think it does something culturally that it's hard to put a finger on but that really pays off."

In other Black Panther news, aside from being one of the most anticipated movies of 2018, the soundtrack for the movie is also one of the most anticipated albums of the year. It was announced at the end of last year that rapper Kendrick Lamar is curating the soundtrack and we've seen the release of one song, "All the Stars," which featured Lamar and SZA. No other tracks or collaborations have been announced at this time, but there's a strong rumor that the next single for the soundtrack will include Kendrick Lamar collaborating with the Weekend on a track that has been dubbed like "Starboy on steroids." The single is expected to drop soon, possibly even this week. It has also been reported that the first Deadpool 2 trailer will be attached to Black Panther showing Marvel's first signs of Fox synergy.

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Ryan Coogler and Marvel have put something special together like they sought to do from the very beginning and we have less than a month to go before we see the finished product. The future is looking a whole lot better with the thought of more Black Panther spread throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe in sequels and spin-offs. Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, is T'Challa's sister and "the smartest person in the world," which means we'll definitely be seeing more of her in the years to come along with her brother. All of the quotes from this story were first published by ScreenRant.

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