Since the release of Black Panther a few weeks ago, many have noticed the integral and bad ass portrayal of women in the Marvel movie. Dora Milaje leader, Okoye played by Danai Gurira, has gained a lot of attention for her epic fighting style, and many have begun to wonder who would win in a fight between her and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. The DC vs. Marvel rivalry continues with just about every little thing that fans of the media giants can think of, and now Marvel writer Roxane Gay has weighed in on the fictional battle.

Black Panther: World of Wakanda writer Roxane Gay decided to take the high road when discussing who would win in fight between Okoye and Wonder Woman. According to Gay, the two would not fight at all unless it was absolutely necessary, which is probably true, but it isn't exactly the answer that fans had been hoping. Instead, Roxane Gays says that they would sit down for a thoughtful discussion. She had this to say.

"Wonder Woman and Okoye wouldn't fight. They would share intel and collaborate and mutually respect each other."

As previously noted, DC and Marvel fans were not very satisfied with Roxane Gay's answer. Some began to assume that Gay said they would not fight for the simple fact that they are women and women supposedly don't fight, which is ridiculous. The Twitter thread pretty much exploded after that, so Gay had to go into a bit more detail. She explains.

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"And let me be clear. They wouldn't fight not because women don't fight or some such nonsense but because they are smart and wouldn't choose violence unless it was necessary."

Roxane Gay is probably correct in her assumption. Wonder Woman would probably come to Wakanda for some kind of battle only to come and respect what Okoye does as the leader of the Dora Milaje and move operations from Themyscira to Africa, or vice versa. For fans that are still looking for a straight answer of who would win in a brawl, it all depends on where your main allegiance is. For DC fans, Wonder Woman is going to win. For Marvel fans, Okoye is the obvious winner. And for fans of both, that's a whole other story.

Though Roxane Gay writes for Marvel, she offered up her services to write DC Films' Batgirl movie, which just lost writer/director Joss Whedon. Gay tweeted to DC Films that she would write the movie and a Warner Bros. vice president, Michelle Wells, responded right away and gave Gay her contact info. Black Panther and Wonder Woman are both socially and culturally important superhero movies and there really should not be a contest between them. You can check out the Okoye and Wonder Woman battle thread below, thanks to Roxane Gay's Twitter account.

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