Michael B. Jordan is reportedly developing a Superman project for HBO Max separate from the movie reboot that's already in the works at Warner Bros. Collider reports that Jordan and his production company Outlier Society are working with the streamer on a new project centering on the Val-Zod incarnation of Superman. It's unclear if this project is intended to be a movie or limited series, and the plan is for Jordan to produce and possibly star.

This is not the same Superman reboot that's previously been announced with J.J. Abrams producing through Bad Robot. That movie is also reportedly introducing a live-action Black Superman with a reimagined version of Kal-El/Clark Kent. Ta-Nehisi Coates is penning the screenplay for the movie and a director hasn't yet been announced. Jordan previously denied any involvement in Abrams' new reboot after there were rumors he would play Kal-El.

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"It's going to be worth checking out," Michael B. Jordan told THR in April. "It's smart of DC to grab Ta-Nehisi to go ahead and adapt that project. I'm flattered that people have me in that conversation. It's definitely a compliment, but I'm just watching on this one."

In a separate interview on the YouTube channel Jake's Takes, the actor added: "I appreciate people that think about me in that type of way for these roles. I don't really have anything more to kind of give on that, other than it's just flattering and I appreciate it... Whoever they get, or if it goes that way, I think it'll be an interesting thing to see."

Henry Cavill fans may also appreciate that Jordan's reported pitch for the HBO Max project would bring him in as Val-Zod rather than rebooting Clark Kent. Potentially, if Jordan's project is set in the DCEU, Cavill could even make a special appearance as Kal-El. But it's just as possible this would be a self-contained DC story, something Warner Bros. has discovered the value of in recent years.

Jordan was reportedly not interested in playing a Black version of Clark Kent, which could be the reason why he's not interested in the movie reboot. Per Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds, "Jordan has not wanted to engage in conversations about racebending Kal-El for the same reasons many of the fans are pushing back on the current Warner Bros. re-imagined version of Clark Kent, but that he would be interested in engaging on a Black Superman project centering on the Val-Zod storyline."

Meanwhile, Jordan will be working with Warner Bros. on at least one other superhero project. He is producing a Static Shock movie alongside Reginald Hudlin with Outlier Society serving as one of the production studios. Randy McKinnon was hired to write the movie in March, though a director has yet to be named. A release date for the project hasn't yet been set by the studio.

Additionally, Jordan is preparing to make his directorial debut with Creed III which will also see him reprising the role of Adonis Creed. That movie will be released on Nov. 23, 2022. This news comes to us from Collider.