Variety reports that the musical scores for Black Swan, True Grit, The Fighter and The Kids Are All Right have been disqualified from consideration for the Best Original Score at The Academy Awards.

The Black Swan and True Grit scores are ineligible because they are, "diluted by the use of tracked themes or other pre-existing music," according to a source. The Fighter and The Kids Are All Right scores are, "diminished in impact by the predominant use of songs," which goes against the Academy's strict music rules.

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Clint Mansell's score for Black Swan is mainly adapted from the Tchaikofsky ballet Swan Lake, while Carter Burwell's True Grit is largely based on 19th Century hymns and wasn't "original" enough for the Academy. Carter Burwell also scored The Kids Are All Right, where the use of original songs took too much away from the score, like Michael Brook's score for The Fighter.