Just moments after the announcement was made that Disney's live-action Mulan remake will be premiering on Disney+, Marvel fans took to social media to discuss whether Black Widow should get the same treatment. As revealed by Disney, the new Mulan will be available for people to watch for about $30 when it releases on Sept. 4, and the news has brought about a wide variety of mixed opinions online. While the $29.99 price tag seems a bit too steep for some fans for Mulan, there seems to be a mixture of concern and support from Marvel fans that the same will happen with Black Widow this winter.

"I hope the Mulan thing goes well and it convinces Marvel to release Black Widow on Disney+," reads one tweet, echoing many others with their opinions. "If it means new Marvel content I'd pay for it," another says. Other reactions on Twitter share these sentiments, with some fans balking at paying $30 for Mulan but noting they'd have no trouble spending that much or more for Black Widow, with one fan honestly tweeting: "I would watch Black Widow for 30 bucs (sic)... not Mulan. Sorry I guess."

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However, it's not hard to find many other Marvel fans not very happy about the prospect of Black Widow coming straight to Disney+. The argument to be made here is that a blockbuster Marvel movie like Black Widow would be best enjoyed on the big screen, so it would be worth pushing the release to 2021 to let Marvel fans watch the movie the way it was meant to be seen when it first premieres. "I'm skipping Mulan until it's reasonably priced. If they do the same with Black Widow, I'm skipping that too," reads one of the more unenthused tweets, with even more Marvel fans having trouble deciding what they would really want.

In any case, the plan as of now is for Black Widow to release theatrically on Nov. 6, 2020. This comes after previous delays due to the national shutdown of movie theaters, bumping the Marvel movie from its original May 2020 release date. Certainly, another delay is going to make a lot of people upset, especially with the weight of nearly every other major release this year getting pushed back to 2021. Still, it's just as clear that releasing the movie on Disney+ instead of waiting for more theaters to safely open will also leave many fans feeling disappointed. Disney is not going to be able to please everyone here, putting the House of Mouse in between rock and a hard place.

For the time being, Disney CEO Bob Chapek insists that Mulan is a one-off. And that there are no plans for Black Widow to arrive on PVOD, "We're very pleased to bring Mulan to the consumer base who has been waiting for it. we're fortunate we have the opportunity to bring it to our own direct to consumer platform. but we're looking at Mulan as a one-off. That said, we find it interesting to be able to take a new offering to consumers and learn from it. Seeing the uptake of subscribers plus the number of transactions we get on the platform of that premium VOD offering." A source close to Disney believes otherwise, though, telling Verge's Julia Alexander somthing completely different.

As for Mulan, those willing to spend $30 to see the highly-anticipated Disney movie at home will be able to do so next month when it becomes available to watch on Disney+ on Sept. 4. The movie will also reportedly be screening in select markets where movie theaters are actually open, but it's not yet been revealed which theaters will be screening the movie. Presumably, however Mulan performs on Disney+ will affect how the company handles their other upcoming releases -- such as Black Widow.