While we are still a few weeks away from Black Widow being seen by the masses, the first online reactions have arrived, and it would seem that those worried that the Marvel magic may have petered out following the climax of Phase Three can rest easy. The initial reactions are not just a sign that it has been worth the extended wait, but it could put Marvel Studios and Disney on their strongest footing in the franchise so far.

By the time Black Widow arrives on 9th July, it will see the longest gap between Marvel's cinema releases since the series kicked off with Iron Man back in 2008, coming two years after Spider-Man: Far From Home. The film will bridge the gap between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, catching up on Natasha Romanoff since she went into hiding following the events of the former movie. Although the movie is set in the past, and we all now know where her story will end, Scarlett Johansson previously told comicbook.com that it still helps move her overall story along and gives a chance to explore the character in more detail than before.

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"Post-Civil War felt like a good time to start. We never intended on doing an origin story," Scarlett Johansson explained. "I never wanted to do an origin story because I just didn't want to go back, back. I wanted to move forward, even though we are going back, but it all makes sense when you see it."

So, as the first reactions arrived today, it is almost possible to feel the aura of love for the movie already. @BrandonDavidBD said, "#BlackWidow is one of Marvel's best solo films. Start to finish, the movie is great. Excellent surprises, emotional character moments, bad-ass action, and Scarlett Johansson finally gets to pour everything into the role. Director Cate Shortland nailed it. Bravo."

@metathor followed this up with even more praise. "Well, I certainly enjoyed #BlackWidow! As one comes to expect from a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the movie is packed with crazy, eye-popping action and that signature brand of humor, plus a strong emotional core that pulls at the heartstrings. #BlackWidow is really going to please fans of Captain America: The Winter Solider. The film shares a lot of blood with TWS, without being an exact clone of it. Fans who enjoyed the way Black Widow was written in that film will find a lot to love here."

@akrop999 also cited The Winter Soldier in their comments, as well as heaping praise on some other aspects of the movie. "Saw #BlackWidow and it was AWESOME, w/ fights/action reminiscent of WINTER SOLDIER, and a GORGEOUS score by @Lornebalfe! ScarJo is (of course) her best leading-lady self, supported by scene-stealing performances from Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour."

@rob_keyes called it the "most adult" of Marvel's releases, suggesting that the movies are growing up beyond what was once thought to be just something to keep the kids entertained. "I watched #BlackWidow yesterday and it's as refreshingly different to other Marvel Studios releases as it is to just have these big movies back. The leads are awesome and the story does some unexpected things. It's the most adult MCU release yet, but still offers a few laughs."

@ErikDavis called it "the MCU's Bond movie", comparing elements of it to some other classic movies. "Marvel movies are back! #BlackWidow is a tense, action-packed spy thriller that truly completes Natasha's story in a visceral & emotional way. Florence Pugh CRUSHES it & is an instant MCU icon. This is like the MCU's Bond movie w/ shades of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE & THELMA & LOUISE."

With this kind of support being shown from just early previews, there is now a high expectation on Black Widow to really restart cinemas, which have been warmed up in the last month by the likes of Cruella, A Quiet Place II and The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. Black Widow will also be available on Disney+ Premier from the 9th July.