Character breakdowns for the upcoming Black Widow movie have reportedly been revealed. There have not been too many official updates since it was announced that Jac Schaeffer was writing the script and Cate Shortland is set to direct. However, it has been heavily rumored that the Natasha Romanoff standalone movie headlined by Scarlett Johansson is in the casting process, which makes sense since the project is set to begin shooting early next year. With that being said, these character breakdowns are lacking quite a bit in the information department.

One of the first character breakdowns for the Black Widow movie is for the "Main Antagonist," who is only described as "exciting." The studio is open to ethnicity, but are specifically looking for someone in their 40s. Up next is the "Friends and Foes" section, which is just as vague as the main villain. The first is described as a "kick ass" female character like a "female Bond," while the other is for an African, Middle Eastern, or East Indian male actor. The search is also reportedly on the lookout for one "European Caucasian female and one European Caucasian male", who are in the 50-60-year old range.

There's also a character called "Secondary Antagonist." The studio is looking for a woman in her 50s to play the smaller villainous role. She is described as a "conniving female villain." The last of the roles is for a "bookish American" in his late 20s. Casting info has gotten a lot more secretive over the years, but if these breakdowns prove to be real, they are really, really vague. Marvel Studios is the king of keeping information under wraps, so it actually makes a lot of sense. As with all leaks of this nature, it's best to call these breakdowns rumors at this time, since nothing official has been announced by Marvel Studios at this time.

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So, who could these Black Widow characters end up being? Speculation has been floating around that the Red Guardian or even the Taskmaster could be the main villain of the standalone movie. Additionally, Jessica Drew or Yelena Belova could be the female character. Other than that, it's not clear who these characters could be. Marvel Studios is also looking for actors who can speak multiple languages, which makes sense since the movie will reportedly shoot in different European locations to tell Natasha Romanoff's story.

Black Widow currently does not have an official release date, but it has been rumored that it will take the May 6th, 2020 release date, which was originally believed to be the release date for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Since casting is reportedly underway, we should get some information about the Natasha Romanoff standalone movie in the near future. For now, we'll just have to theorize about who these vague character breakdowns are describing. The Black Widow character breakdowns were first reported by That Hashtag Show.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick