New official images from the Black Widow standalone movie have been released. We are given an in-depth look at Taskmaster's suit, along with some new images of Yelena Belova and Natasha Romanoff. The movie was supposed to have hit theaters back in May, but the world's current state of affairs had other ideas. As of this writing, Black Widow is still scheduled to open in theaters in November, but that could all change at any moment.

The mysterious Taskmaster is featured in the latest look at Black Widow. We see some concept art, along with some shots of the showdown with Natasha Romanoff. However, the most interesting of these images is the helmet by itself on the London set, providing Marvel Cinematic Universe fans with the best look yet at the design. Overall, the villain appears to be menacing with the helmet and hood, along with the ability to mimic his adversaries skills.

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Also included with the new images are interviews with Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh. It was revealed earlier today that Black Widow will show a passing of the torch between Natasha and Yelena, at least according to director Cate Shortland. This will lead to more MCU stories in the future focusing on the character. Pugh had this to say about Yelena.

"I play Yelena, the annoying little sister who says everything that comes to her mind with no consequences. When we meet her she is kind of discovering the world in a new light. She is hurt and complicated and acts out. When she meets Scarlett's character, Natasha, Yelena is kind of rediscovering who she is after the being in the Red Room for so long. So together they're both suffering in very similar ways."

When fans heard about the Black Widow movie, almost everybody assumed that it would be an origin story. However, Marvel Studios doesn't always do what is expected of them, which has kept Scarlett Johansson coming back to the role over the years. For Johansson, the stakes had to be real and the story had to be worth telling. She explains.

"There was no reason to do a Black Widow standalone film unless we could dig deep and be brave. I'm very happy with all the work we've done on the Marvel Studios films. I felt that Avengers: Endgame was so satisfying I wanted to make sure Black Widow would be so satisfying, not just for the fans, but also for myself, artistically and creatively, after a decade of playing this character. This film gives the opportunity for some sort of healing and understanding as to why Natasha decides to make that ultimate sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame."

It appears that Scarlett Johansson got her Black Widow wish. MCU fans have been calling on the studio to make a standalone Natasha Romanoff movie for years now and it's finally almost here. However, the story has changed quite and added extra depth now that we know how Romanoff's story comes to a close. With these new images and a new trailer rating, we should expect to see some more footage in the coming weeks, possibly at San Diego Comic-Con's virtual event. While we wait, you can check out the new images above, thanks to the MCU Master Twitter account.