The director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, has taken to Twitter to communicate a potential conspiracy worthy of the iconic video game. His investigation points the finger at the recent Black Widow trailer, and the glaring similarities between the first Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 adventure, and the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

"Honest question. I'm firm believer of parallel thinking, but...Is there any BLACK WIDOW pre the release of METAL GEAR SOLID 3 in 2004 that establishes this white suit? It sure reminds me of a certain patriot who saved the world! Also, Cyber Monday Sale on elevated walkways!"
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Even though he posits the idea of 'parallel thinking' playing a part, his accusation is pretty clear, barely masked under thick sarcasm and complete with a taunting exclamation mark for good measure. He continues to put together his conspiracy theory like a detailed puzzle, even going beyond the MCU and taking umbridge with the comic books, before highlighting that the white suit shown in the Black Widow trailer seems to edge even closer to the Metal Gear Solid design.

"Ok, the suit first appeared in 2010. Six years *after* MGS3 introduced us to THE BOSS. The comic design skewed sleek catsuit vs. the significantly more tactical in vibe glimpse in the trailer. Notice the accented black straps + zipper pockets."

He caps off the suit-section of his argument by paying tribute the artist behind the Metal Gear Solid games, before asking his followers a question worthy of pondering.

"#YojiShinkawa is a living legend. This is his design. Shinkawa-san & Kojima-san are 2 strands of the same brilliant double-helix creatively orbiting each other. I am VERY curious where ya'll draw the blurry creative line between inspiration vs. straight lifting or strip mining?"

Where, indeed? Having said more than enough about the white suit similarities, Jordan Vogt-Roberts is only just getting started, moving his attention onto the fighting style used by both Black Widow and her comrade-in-arms Yelena Belova. No prizes for guessing what he thinks of it.

"Now we should touch on "CQC". What is CQC you ask? It's a legendary and technical style of combat unique to the Metal Gear franchise. It's designed for "rapid alternation between armed & hand to hand combat" It's pure @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN! This moment plays on loop in my brain."

After explaining what 'CQC' is (something that no doubt avid Metal Gear fans will be more than aware of) he compares the previous fighting style of Black Widow with what the new trailer demonstrated, strongly suggesting that things have taken a different, familiar turn.

"So...The MCU fights have mostly shown Natasha as a badass resourceful brawler who employs parkour-esque wraps / leg locks to take down foes. Dope! But...can you tell me if there's any prior emphasis with her and the CQC-esque interplay of hands, guns & melee in the trailer?"

You have to admit, while a similar-looking tactical suit could very well be a coincidence, this distinct change in fighting technique does seem a tad suspicious.

The director wraps things up by answering his own question as to whether Disney or Marvel would allow such similarities to their own products.

"I've answered this question. Disney or Marvel would absolutely not allow this and there are plenty of lawsuits both company have slapped on smaller companies like when they sued the game developer who created CITY OF HEROES due to character creation tool."

Where do you stand on this? Is Vogt-Roberts onto something, or has he been spending too much time on his upcoming projects and now that's all he can see? This comes directly from Jordan Vogt-Roberts Twitter Account